In a Flash


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Here is a quote by a teen that had an abortion: Although I still have the ultrasound it still brings back memories that hurt me. Remember that you have the power to say no because you are the one that will have to make the appointment…not your mother, not your father, you. Just remember that and plan ahead for your child’s future because being a mommy is a huge responsibility. The abortion even affected my mom although she didn’t want me to have him. I know she would have helped me now. So in the end abortion is not right. So R.I.P. to My Baby…Mommy loves you……….

In a Flash

A walking zombie
All but dead inside
Heard a heart beating
Her caring had died


As read in a book
Same words from a snake
She bought all his lies
Backspaced a mistake


People playing God
Heart stopped in a flash
Small one of no choice
Thrown out with the trash


Does anybody care?
Does anyone know?
A life in a womb
Made a final plateau


A world lost to flesh
Was stuck in a rut
Bought for a small price
Consumed by the smut


Regrets and the hurt
She would if she could
Be Mommy to him
Love all that she should


She found the good news
God came to forgive
She tells us her story
Her reason to live

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ApaqRasgirl commented on In a Flash


wow, my friend, this one made me cry, I'm glad I never had to go through that, very heartfelt piece dear....I loved the rhythm and flow went very smooth.....thanks for the read. loves ya asha

SavVySam commented on In a Flash


Maddi~Hope you don't mind if I say kudos and ME TOO! Brave offering on a timely and sensitive subject...powerful write!

Madelynn commented on In a Flash


Tons of emotions going on here- for the reader. I won't voice my opinion on abortion (for/ or against) I will voice that I love all children, even the ones who arent born yet- and all mothers, both young and old, wheather they choose to deliver/ or not.. I won't judge. What I will judge is this poem- powerful, political, and religious topic you have chosen!- You have nailed each line with a perfection geared to provoke your reader into thought. Well written, and strong voice!-10, Maddi



Maddi, I guess you don't have to be for or against to know that some women may regret the decision they have made. Thanks for your comment. -Al

ccslim commented on In a Flash


Really dig this through it's message and rhythm! Nice Touch Brother!

LeslieMay commented on In a Flash


This is heartwrenching, but very powerful. All life deserves a chance....I became pregnant at 14. I was urged to get an abortion, but instead I chose adoption. Now I know he has a beautiful life, full of oppurtunity, that I was able to give him. You captured the emotion of your story perfectly.



May God bless you LeslieMay. Thank you for your comment. :)

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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