In A Moment


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    If can all give a little bit of ourselfs taking a moment for someone else or ourselfs really does help to make a better day. Taking a little stress off lightens the load.

    In A Moment

    In a moment she said I'll get to it
    How many times have we used those very words
    In a moment your whole life can change
    The best time in your life could happen
    Or simply a last opportunity passed

    To many times we use these praises
    Lost for ever never to return
    If it did never to be the same
    That smile of a child who holds the biggest accomplishment

    If only comes to late
    You wish you could have
    You wish you would have
    Lost memorys unfinished

    I'll get to it tomarrow
    There is pleanty of time
    Lost by prograsination
    Drowned in the waters of time

    One moment could make the difference in a life time
    Put the smile on a child
    Making someone feel you care
    Making someones day
    Building a bridge for tomorrow

    Anything can happen in a moment
    The loss of someone special
    Put down the thoughts of today
    Throw that stress away

    Pick up that pole
    Go to the show
    Do something enjoy the day
    Lighten the load
    Escape let today take care of today

    Tomarrow will look a lot better
    Rest your mind take a break
    Let go of stress
    Things look a lot brighter

    Walk away from that computer
    Take a week end break
    You will be glad you did
    You won't have to say
    In a moment

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    ginga commented on In A Moment


    Betty, Your words hold so much truth concerning the busyness in people's lives and their putting other off. Better to not say anything than to get someone's hopes up. ginga

    Springsize commented on In A Moment


    Words of Wisdom, Betty, and you have caught the importance of now versus procrastination... and good phrases. This is mostly Free Verse... although I have not really attempted this type of poem form yet.... I see you use it with ease.



    Oh thank you I like writing like this too.

    knight4696 commented on In A Moment


    Hey Betty - Definately some words of wisdom you've penned here! :) I took a break from the computer a couple weeks ago and spent the weekend at the beach! It was just the break I needed. Thanks for validating my weekend away! lol! Now I don't feel so guilty. lol! :) Great job! Ken



    It feels good to take a break doesn't it.

    BikemanRJ commented on In A Moment


    Such a great message. Stop and take time to smell the roses as they say and give happiness to others that cross our paths of life. We only have right now we never know what the future may bring Enjoyed reading God Bless Randy



    We really need to stop and smell the roses sometime don't we.

    SavVySam commented on In A Moment


    Such uplifting and positive word offerings here today on your page..Feel great now, thanks for the smile!;)



    Thank you I need to work on my spelling. I get in a hurry and need to proof read it or leave something out .I am glad you liked it.

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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