In Love With A Lie


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    In Love With A Lie

    What do u do when you realize the one thing you lived for
    Is really not worth living for at all
    When everything you used to know is a lie
    And no ones there to catch your fall
    When all your pride and dignity walks out that door
    And all your dreams fade away
    When your nights feel lonely and cold
    And you know your minds not okay
    Loving someone so deep
    Unconditionally and always true
    It’s hard to accept that fact
    That they don’t feel the same for you
    Why is it that the one who made me cry
    Is the only one who can stop my tears?
    The one person who knows how to hurt me
    Who knows all my secrets and fears
    Can take my world and shatter it
    Who knows exactly what to say
    Can make me believe in a lie
    Give me the world and take it all away
    Such a deep feeling down in my heart
    Overplaying memories in my mind
    Caught in a whirlwind of hurt
    This love is not so kind
    I can’t tell you why I feel this way
    This love it’s a mystery
    How can this deceitful person
    Cruel and cold...mean so much to me
    I never realized how much I had lost
    All this sorrow and broken promises
    Empty words and untrue love
    Fake smiles and pity kisses
    It’s hard to accept the fact
    That the one I thought I loved so much
    Was a made up story
    Truly fake right down to her touch
    Being in love with a lie
    Makes you wonder how this heart has survived
    Cause when the truth finally came out
    Along with my heart apart of my soul died

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    hdmac commented on In Love With A Lie


    Sad poem. It was quite painful to read. Moving and swirling to a bitter ending. It would be good to read another poem to pick ourselves from off the floor.

    euri commented on In Love With A Lie


    I love this poem! very well done..euri..

    Von1 commented on In Love With A Lie


    This is incredibly moving. love is crazy and mysterious. you can love it or hate it, but it's worth exploring.

    magati commented on In Love With A Lie


    loving is abitch sometimes and i can feel you disappointments in the words..

    Ezekeil49 commented on In Love With A Lie


    powerful poem! It reminds me of my experience ....I wrote a poem about it and its called "Chains of Love" ezekeil49

    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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