In Search of God


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    Poem Commentary

    This poem was prompted by my ever questioning mind and the following quote from the bible

    Ask, and it shall be given you;

     seek, and ye shall find;

     knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

    Mathew 7:7

    In Search of God

    If God exists he is somewhere out there

    We cannot see so we know not where

    On this very day I will launch my search

    Without blessing or support from man’s ill crafted church


    The journey begins as my mind takes flight

    Through the blue honed sky into the deepest night

    I soar upward and upward toward star filled skies

    Passing the moon and breaking all earthly ties


    Soaring as a comet my speed ever increasing

    I move freely into the heavens my desire unceasing

    No wind to slow me, no obstacles in my path

     I move further and further never fearing God’s wrath


    Staring upward I search for a bright star to guide me

    But they all beckon as waves in a never ending sea

    The wonders that surround me are a joy to behold

    Silver mist, blue hazes and sparkling gold


    I look left I look right expecting some sign

    But none comes and my hopes slowly decline

    If this truly be the heavens why does God not appear?

    I scream out his name in hopes he might hear


    Deadly silence is my answer as I probe ever deeper

    Passing galaxies of stars with gas clouds ever steeper

    Far ahead I see a beautiful crystal blue light

    Its magnificence radiates outward a most heavenly sight


    I draw nearer and nearer my heart quickens and races

    Its doors open wide and I believe I can see angelic faces

    But as quickly as the doors opened they slowly recede

    The glow fades and I am alone as I beg and I plead          


    My eyes open wide and I find I am alone in my room

    I struggle to comprehend why I have returned to this tomb

    Could it be that I was unworthy and was cast back to this earth?

    Or is God’s kingdom only a dream that man has nurtured from birth?


    ©Copyright Charlie Gragg November 9, 2009

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    Stryx commented on In Search of God


    A masterfull job with a difficult subject, since everyone has their own 'belief.' Yet that something we all seek has always been - within, and hidden from view. For we think it is out there somewhere..



    I hear you. Thanks for you comments.

    MrGee commented on In Search of God


    well writen. paints a good picture in the reader. good meter. And the last verse poses a good question for most. I agree that organized religion can prove faulty. However, The Lord Jesus spoke to many indicating that " Those that say that see are blind when speaking of certain pharisees and scribes. Also, those that have never seen Jesus and believe in Him that there faith is greater because they have not seen him during their life time as opposed to those who were among him during his minisitry



    Your comments are well chosen and apreciated. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    bandit1192 commented on In Search of God


    I have often wondered about your final line. I believe in God. Like StandingBear, I feel his presence is all around and can be found through faith. I guess we all search in our own way . Good luck, TS



    The final line is a question it is not a statement of my beliefs.

    SinnerSaint commented on In Search of God


    Great Hampton, that actually sounds like it could be a movie. It also reminds me of Dantes Inferno, Except yours is a journey through heaven. Good Work



    Thank you for your kind comments.

    Madelynn commented on In Search of God


    Well, to answer the question publically-I don't think so! To assume it is all mind altered misconception that is conditioned as our rational basis for 'after life paradise', certainly could be true/possible. I believe that the truth lies within each of us. -with that said-for me, the euphoric experience of spirituality and growth would not exist, if God, or his heavens wasn't real.-Now, the poem-A journey that a true artist can paint-and Hampton, you have. This was a mind opening journey ending with a question that most likely varies depending on the reader!-Brilliant!



    One more tidbit, the Bible also says-'The Kingdom of God lies within each of us'.-sorry,I can quote lots of scripture, but I always forget the chapter and verse-it's probably a blonde thing!LOL



    Thank you. Your comments about your view of the whereabouts of God is appreciated as are your other comments on the quality of the write. And about the blond thing? I'm afraid the quality of your poetry disqualifies you for membership in that club.



    LOL!Thank you!-big hugz.

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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