In The Beginning...


In The Beginning...

In the Beginning, I was alone,
“I” encompassed naught but myself,
“I" am limitless and I am unique unto myself.

In the Beginning I looked into my own expanse and saw that even I could grow and change,
And so, I reflected “ME”, which means to say “Being” came into self-awareness,
Ha! Ha! Some say that before “ME”, there was a Void and Empty,
There is no Void, and no Emptiness,
"Nothing" does not exist,
For all is "Me",
And before “ME” there was only “I” who always existed,
Yeshua called "I" Father.

Some say that “I” am “Ego”,
And that “Ego” is self-aggrandizement,
Full of only itself, like narcissus beholding his image in the mirror and falling in love with it,
In truth, "I" am in love with "ME", meaning all of you, my IMAGE,
Because you are not created in my image and likeness,
You are a direct reflection of "I",
And should I turn away from beholding you for one instance, all that exists would be undone,
And you all would cease to be like a dream in the night.

In truth, “Ego” is the “I” in each of my Sons, and their Sons, and their Daughters,
In truth, “Ego” is individuality, and the uniqueness of you my children in expression.

The real problem to overcome is not Ego but ‘self-importance’,
Just tell me how you get your sense of importance,
I will tell you who you are,
Discover what makes you feel important,
You too will know who you are.

In the Beginning there was only “I”,
And “I” reflected “Me” and called them Son,
The Hebrew call them Elohim,
And thus when it is said "Let us create man in our image and likeness",
Know that those words are of "ME",
God in Self-Expression, called "Son".

In the Beginning, My Only Begotten Son reflected, Sons,
And His Sons created Daughters from their own hearts,
Placed them in material forms to love and train upwards into Everliving, even Everloving Sons and Daughters of “I”,
understand well, it is not the "I" but the "ME" that did this.

“I” looked upon my divine plan,
"I" knew “I” would never be alone again,
"I" know, no one ever told you that the reason for existence is that "I Am", is alone,
Yet such is the truth....

In order that my Son, and His Sons, and their daughters should realize "ME" and much later “I”,
I move you all through ever deeper expressions of existence,
From a single celled organism to the Throne of Existence,
And you gather precious Wisdom, the incomparable understanding of "I" existing in Time.

So when you,hear it said, “I Am That I Am”.
Know, that this is a statement encompassing all of existence, and not a name,
"I Am That I Am" is the LOST WORD,
It is the Divine Plan and Power over All existence,
It is "The Key".

Now, be wise and understand its secret...
“I” refers to “I” the same “I” in you,
Even your Third Eye,
“Am” means existence,
“That” shows the separation of “I” in my reflection of you, meaning “ME”,
“I Am” is you, mistakenly feeling that any part of you belongs to you.

You mistakenly think that any part of you belongs to you,
Yet, I would have it no other away,
Your error is what separates you from "I",
It is what gives you separate existence,
It is the very reason for your existence.

Humanity can never become perfect,
For to remove the error in Humanity,
Will transform it into something else,
All would cease to be Human.
No! Humanity must be complete,
And Duality become Unity,
Then one day,
While walking in my gardens of Earth,
Or flying through the atmosphere of another plane of existence,
You will sense my presence in you, through you, of you,
And like my Son Melchisedec Lord of Light,
Enoch, he that walked with God,
Yeshua whom you call Christ,
Buddha Lord of Compassion,
And countless others,
You and I will again become ONE,
My Son, my Daughter has returned from their journeys with treasures,
Not gold and diamond baubles,
Not material things which are naught,
But returned with the most precious cargo of WISDOM!
So Mote It Be!

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Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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