In the Way That Cowboys Know


  • Western

    In the Way That Cowboys Know

    In the way that cowboys know

    He knew her

    Tracking newborns in spring snow

    He just knew her


    How she’d try to seek some haven

    She would hide

    From the tell tale squalking raven

    While he’d ride


    He would have to thus pursue her

    Without a word

    In his wisdom, he just drew her

    From the herd


    How her hair would bounce and glisten

    When she’d dance

    He would turn his head and listen

    For that chance


    For that chance to hold her that way

    While she sighed

    Just like she once did on that day

    When she cried


    Cried because he said he loved her

    Once she kissed him

    Tried to hide the way he’d moved her

    How she missed him


    In the way that couboys canter

    Empty handed

    Round up time is time for banter

    She’s been branded.

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    train64 commented on In the Way That Cowboys Know


    great stuff old cowboy...In the way that cowboys know Tracking newborns in spring snow ..He just knew her How she’d try to seek some haven She would hide From the tell tale squalking raven While he’d ride..great writing..brings up fresh memories..



    Thank you. Never owned my own horse, but I remember fondly every ride on horseback I ever had. All eleven of them over the course of age 9 to 21. I've been in the city too lang. Harv

    carynontherhine commented on In the Way That Cowboys Know


    Harvy your skills at comparing are just another reason you to me are so very talented. You speak of a horse in the end. So, is it the horse in love or is this a skillful meaning of something else? Love it! hugz



    taking the vision back to the cowboy's element (work). He canters his mount effortlessly, while the gang comment about the beauty he's has just corraled. She is hands off from now on because she is wearing his "brand." She's his woman.

    REGINA2 commented on In the Way That Cowboys Know


    I really like this poem. The way you compared a woman with a wilf horse. Great job.



    There are similarities, but it is the skill of ralating that needs comparison, itsn't it? Harv

    ginga commented on In the Way That Cowboys Know


    Harver, This is written so precisely, as if you yourself have been roping cowsfor years. This dear sir is a mesmerizing song of a cowboy's cause. ginga



    that's where reading can take you. I know all sorts of experiences vicariously. lol Harv

    devaamido commented on In the Way That Cowboys Know


    A cowboy from out west someplace On behalf of his heifer, sought mama’s prenuptial grace Tried to change by inflection her question’s direction: “Does this mean the unicorn’s replaced?” Nice work, as always, T!



    So what did the old cow know? lol Harv

    The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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