I am indestructable!
I build walls so thick,
so high,
I can not see the sky.
I point my guns,
I keep them all at bay,
each and everyday.
I say go away,
do not stay.
I am not scared,
mearly prepared.

But I am alone,
in my stone and steel home.
safe you see,
from the could be.
But I am alone,
this my heart does not condone.
So I let you in,
knowing you will sin,
and I,
will never win.
I give you my heart,
each and every part.

Like a double agent you take my trust,
make my walls turn to rust.
You tell me to share what I hide
but listening my spirit now died.
I did this to my self,
I took my heart off the shelf,
placed it back inside,
warned, you watched,
and it died.

Now I rebuild my wall,
soon I stand tall.
Grey would be the color,
if I had a heart.
Pay attention to this part.
For I am indestructable!
Never again will I let you in,
it is I who will live in sin.
Here to debase all, 
I will make them crawl.
For the last time I give my trust,
you have burned me for my lust,
now I turn you all to dust.

You were my last thread,
my last moral shread.
I release silly notions of love,
and will not send souls above.
Succubus you stole,
every bit of soul.
Now all that remains,
has no guilt,
darkness no restrains,
this succubus, you built. 
Now only sociopath,
this my demograph.
I care now for nothing,
nothing but self.
It is all I have,
all that will now ever be,
how can you not see,
this is what you have made me.
Now a walking diety,
freed of chains of pity.


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summerrose35 commented on indestructable


This is very real.Great write! I can feel all the intensity written here!

BringMeBullets commented on indestructable


Very cool! Reminds me of something someone would be saying on stage to wow the crowd. You have an obvious talent that lights up my computer screen. I love the line, "You were my last thread, my last moral shread." Very cool. The power of this shines so bright... Needs me some sunglasses. Haha. Great write!

1990lh commented on indestructable


wow excellent poem very powerful love the read understood where u were comoing from

bforibus commented on indestructable


self worth is absolutely a good thing. toot ur own horn is what i say. nobody else is going to.. but this is a great poem to inspire. good job

knight4696 commented on indestructable


Kage - Loved the metaphors in this one. It is very deep and emotional. We all build walls - some of stone, some brick, and some of steel. It's our only defense against being hurt. It is built stronger by each time we have been emotionally devastated by someone we love and trust. But we all need love and when the right one does finally come along - we must re-learn how to trust and love again, removing a piece of the wall, day by day, until one day we are free to love again.

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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