Indi Eyes


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    Indi Eyes

    The windows to the soul I am told
    Are mirrored in the eyes
    A place where dreams unfold
    And take flight in tomorrow’s skies

    Visions of the future rest
    Waiting to be set free
    And on that day to put to test
    The life you want to see

    Looking into Indi eyes
    Is like looking into a dream
    Soul is pure without disguise
    So calm and tranquil it seems

    To look into them and see myself
    Awakens thoughts in me
    Like a book pulled from the shelf
    A part of the story to be

    So deep and dark and full of life
    Like onyx they do shine
    An innocence that shows no strife
    Reflects a peace so sublime

    Like tranquil waters on calm sea
    That soothes a worried soul
    And softly does she speak to me
    I in her arms she holds

    Here I speak of Indi eyes
    And of tomorrows yet to be
    When her dreams to the skies will fly
    I pray it will be with me

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    dancinghawk commented on Indi Eyes


    a flowing tribute ... i can feel the warm circle of embracing acceptance in these eyes ... and love the finish, "When her dreams to the skies will fly/ I pray it will be with me" ... beautiful write, Ron! thx for posting! -dh



    Thank you so much for your warm and kind comment, she is a very special person, a lot more special than she sees herself to me.. Ron

    Tony5880 commented on Indi Eyes


    That was good and I am new to petry and that opend my eyes to see what poetry is truely about thank you Tony 5880



    you are very welcome, and I am happy you enjoyed it..thank you for your kind comment

    stellar commented on Indi Eyes


    i love the romanticism in your fine and the flow is refreshing to the to read this over and over again

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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