Inside of Me


  • Love

    Inside of Me

    I like the way you feel inside of me

    I like the way you feel inside my soul

                inside my heart

                inside my head

    You have become my life blood

    You sustain me and give me reason to

                go on

                reason to believe in better days to come

                reason to believe that at last, God has

                sent me the one I’ve asked for for so long;


    My life will never be the same

    You’ve changed my way of thinking

    I no longer feel alone and heavy with

                the burdens of the world;


    I like the way your love feels inside of me

    You’ve filled a void I thought would never

                be filled;


    I like the way you feel inside of me;

    You were secure enough in yourself to

                accept me as I am

                to love me as I am

                to see me for what I am and have the

                potential to become;


    I’ll tell you always that I love you

                for taking the time to look inside of me

                find that place inside of me

                that no one else could ever find

    You’re my soul mate;


    I love the way you’ve come to be with me

                inside of me

                inside my life

                inside my love

                inside my desires


    I love the way you feel inside of me,

                literally. . .

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    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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