Is This Christmas?


  • Christmas

    Is This Christmas?

    Is this Christmas – the season of peace and joy?

    A manger most palatial readies,

    While a slaughter house readies for cows and lamb.


    Is this Christmas – the season of warmth and comfort?

    Tall tree glitters next to your hearth,

    While we bunker under a tree around mountains distant.



    Is this Christmas - the season of love and mercy?

    Cards and mails of heart-rending ideals do the round,

    While we barely breathe and make ends meet.


    Is this Christmas - the season of giving and thanksgiving?

    Your worn out socks stick out glittering gifts,

    While of ours stick out cold working feet and hands.


    Isn’t it Christmas - a season for you and me?

    You’re sharing all you’ve got,

    While we’re looking at what’ve found.


    Yes, this is Christmas – a season for all.

    Everyone has something to thank for,

    While the earth rejoice in lofty ideals of the season.   

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    FranzJ commented on Is This Christmas?


    I too think Christmas has lost it's meaning. Try my Christmas Commerlisiam



    Thanks, Franz for the read. And I'll be glad to read yours on the same theme.

    WordSlinger commented on Is This Christmas?


    I liked you up in the forum, Merry Christmas, ty WS & Maddi

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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