Is this how it ends?


  • Death

    Is this how it ends?

    Is this how it ends?


    She sat in her bed crying,



    Why did he have to do this,

    Be like this,

    Act like this?


    She lived thought the brutal beatings,

    She lived with a shattered hart,

    See lived wondering what happened to the good days..


    Her and her mom was a happy family and did everything together,

    In tell her mom found what she thought was the love of her life …

    And he acted real nice to her..


    Intel her mom and him got married…

    He drove her mom in to drugs, and alcohol..

    And it finely drove her mom insane..

    Her mom beat her every day..

    And then she killed her self..


    Her dad was no better..

    He beat her up every time that he could get his hands on her…

    Her teacher seen the broses but did not say any thing..

    For the teacher know the dad and know how strong he was…


    One day the girl got home and he was drunk and started yelling at her…

    And hitting her..

    And then stabbed her with a knife…


    As she took her final berths she asked her self why did her mom have to met him…

    What did she do to deserve this?

    Will he pay for making my mom kill her self, and killing me?

    As she berthed out the last final berth she mumbled…



    ~♥~by: Katy Faucheux~♥~

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    Artie commented on Is this how it ends?


    Wow!! This is a strong write!! You do a great job of telling the story without clouding the message, or emotion with anger. You have quite an imagination. Very vivid.

    SilverGirl commented on Is this how it ends?


    Katy hun.. this is very good. You are doing well with the handicap you work under. I am very impressed. You are a great story teller.. Any time you need help, I will do my best to be there for you.. When you write, if you want me to help with editing it, just ask.. You have a wonderful gift and have much to say for such a young lady.. hugs.. love and blessings.. SilverGirl



    tahnk u alot

    kdavidscott1 commented on Is this how it ends?


    It's a beautiful poem of a tragedy that many have faced - all I can say is check your spelling - use spell checker / thesaurus / that are the in your tools menu to improve on your poetry - other than that this was a great piece that you put together - Keep us the good work.... KD

    BestMonkey commented on Is this how it ends?


    I am curious if what this poem was inspired by. Hopefully it's not anything too close to your life. The poem seems sincere.



    no its about something i read about one of my grate grate ants i did not know her but her story inspiered me

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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