Is this Real?...Or is it a Lie?


  • VampireGirl666
  • you broke my heart.. now i break your fucking face...

Is this Real?...Or is it a Lie?

I dont know
If i should stay
Or just go
Being cold
just like snow
Holding on
trying not to let go
Screaming out
To say no

Watching her Cry
Tearing up her Life
So just tell me this
Is it real?
Or just a Lie

Watching her just hoping for the best.
Wishing she would just sit and rest
Hoping that she doesnt worry
People just telling her to hurry.

Why do people
have to hurt
Why cant they
just leave her
cant they see

Is this real?
Or just a lie?
Watch her spread her wing
and just fly

away from these tears
that she crys
So just dont
she doesnt need
to cry...
her pretty little face
put to shame
cuz of you
oh yes you...

So is this real?
Or is this just a Lie?
A fun little game
for you to play
Sitting there
watching her cry
So your to blame.
for this hurt these days.

You watch her sit
and bleed...
for she takes the lead...
Wondering if you...

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Worthless commented on Is this Real?...Or is it a Lie?


Nice way of mixing the feelings all into words onthat subject...




killingP13 commented on Is this Real?...Or is it a Lie?


so the world seems to ridicule her in her time of expected from life....happiness is hard to find isn't it



indeed. makes you wonder where all the happiness you had went. and if you will ever feel it again

BrokenHeart2009 commented on Is this Real?...Or is it a Lie?


You are a wonderful writer, and the words are sad and questioning. Questioning why can't people accept her for who she is.

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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