IT IS TIME TO SAY (goodnight , as it goes)


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    IT IS TIME TO SAY (goodnight , as it goes)

    So Blue is the night
    As the ball of the city shines so bright
    Everyone, everywhere celebrates at this site
    People standing side by side to the left to the right

    No one actully realize this is like a start of a new quest
    Minute by minute, Hour for hour there will be nothing left
    Strange as it maybe, very few sheds a tear or even wept
    There is dancing, singing, there are none missing a step

    They seem to not to realize that there is a door about to be closed
    All seem to not to care nor does anyone seems to know
    There is a drop in the temperature, no one seems to feel
    As the dark blanket of the end aproaches, they all seem to get a thrill

    Finally the moment comes, with horns blown and there are shouts
    Kissing, Hugging, fire works and guns ring out
    No, not no one seems to care that theres another year that we have lost
    Everyone is to busy celebrating no matter the cost

    As we all say, another year ends and another starts
    The door of time opens to add another part
    But we leave the door we exit slightly open so we can use as reference 
    By doing this don't you think we are strattling the fence 

    For to get to the new we have to look back at the old
    We have books of history of mass accummulation of years ago
    I wonder why we all say "Happy New Year"
    When really there are some who shed some tears

    For a little of this and a little mixture of that
    Could bring a year full of promise or maybe some mishap
    We all can say " Happy New Year"
    Or should we just say Good-night, as it goes, My Dear

    "It Is Time To Say, Good - Bye As It Goes"

    The Wordsprurer

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    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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