It's Down To This


  • Lost Love

    It's Down To This

    It's down to this . . . .
    Fighting never ending
    It's down to this . . . .
    Neither of us bending
    It's down to this . . . .
    Now we fight over our daughter
    It's down to this . . . .
    E-mosh-a-nal slaughter

    We saw it coming long ago
    We lived our live - a picture show
    You had your lovers -I had mine
    Our indescretions just a sign
    Of how we failed & how love lied
    Of how love lived & how love died

    It's down to this . . . .
    Hating one another
    It's down to this . . . .
    Living lies - we're undercover
    It's down to this . . . .
    Unforgiving - unremorseful
    It's down to this . . . .
    With our lies we're so resourceful

    You were once my onyx queen
    I your white knight in a dream
    I always thought you drank a lot
    While I was always smoking pot
    In anger we both sit & glare
    Stuck on ourselves we get nowhere

    It's down to this . . . .
    The girl I loved is such a stranger
    It's down to this . . . .
    Pleasant memories are in danger
    It's down to this . . . .
    Our lawyers duel in the courtroom
    It's down to this . . . .
    We see the truth that our love is doomed

    It lasted for almost 10 years
    Of laughing loving; fights & tears
    I don't know you - you don't know me
    I hate you & you hate me
    We share our child & history
    We share in so much misery

    It's down to this . . . .
    This courtroom is so crowded
    It's down to this . . . .
    Our hearts became so clouded
    It's down to this . . . .
    You call me evil - I call you witch
    It's down to this . . . .
    I'm the Bastard - You're the Bitch

    Our daughter loves us both & cries,
    "Stop your fighting! Stop the lies!"
    "Remember when you loved each other;"
    "Before you both took different lovers?"
    "Why can't you both just let this be?"
    "Can't you see what this has done to me?"

    It's down to this . . . .
    A child's vision is the truest
    It's down to this . . . .
    Why did we ever do this?
    It's done to this . . . .
    Now we've made our child a token
    It's down to this . . . .
    And now our family is broken

    We lived our lives outside the borders
    And now the judge will issue orders
    This fight will end in our divorce
    Each life will take its seperate course
    We will not give a "Farewell Kiss"
    Because we know - IT'S DOWN TO THIS!


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    NenaT commented on It's Down To This


    This poem describes the death of love very powerfully. It makes the reader sad for this couple and their child..... a very good piece.

    wheelsal commented on It's Down To This


    Sad tale of the path to divorce. Hope this isn't your tale but the best is wished..........It is a nice flow and you use rhyme decently.

    susanismith commented on It's Down To This


    At first I didn't even picture that this was about divorce. I thought it was about the world we live in today until I read further. Very interesting...right to the point...People think children don't know anything, but they know more than what people give them credit for...and in a divorce they are the ones that suffer the most...I can feel the anger and frustration as well as the hurt and betrayal. Amazing.

    Crush commented on It's Down To This


    Deeply emotional and I have been through a divorce as well. Children do suffer and this is very unfortunate. Powerful words here. Thanks

    Forestbird commented on It's Down To This


    Very sharp and very tragic. I love poetry with metr and rime. It is much stronger then free vers.

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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