Jovial Thoughts...Genial Mind


Jovial Thoughts...Genial Mind

Soothing, sensational,
elegant as the harp,
Semblance, integument,
covering of the tarp,
Ebullient, vivacious,
precision of the mind
Vehement, appetent,
keen & one of a kind,
Perfervid, chocolate katydid,
desireable & luscious taste,
Delectable, ambrosial,
palatable & cosumed with haste,
Sybaritic, voluptuous,
enticing to the senses,
Libidinous, hedonic,
enriched untightened hinges,
Efficacious, puissant,
robust delight to the eye,
Potent, consequential,
immeasurable symbol of the sky,
Pulchritudinous, gorgeous,
magnificent as the autumn sun,
Resplendent, vivid,
lustrous as a diamond-lithographed gun,
Sympathetic, affectionate,
condoling soul of a angel,
Altruistic, benignant,
warmhearted with no mangle.
Serenity, tranquility,
composure of divine peace,
Harmonious, amicable,
placid as the slow moving creek..

By Michael Smith

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Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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