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    I wrote this one for my wife, an ode if you will. See a love story. It is not a quick read so proceed only if you have time to go on the ride. I love you baby. Thanks to all that come through and comment.

    Kind Words

    If I could with my very last breath I'd say,
    That God did well when He chose her for me.
    When He enclosed the globe and placed her pose closer to me.
    When He made the mold that would grow into you, he added a dew drop of honey soul
    and saccharine blackberries like coal
    rich and fine.
    Before time was time He gave her to me.
    Aged her sweet meekness like private reserve, wine poured over a diamond.
    My destiny was disturbed until I turned a curve
    now all I have to say about her are kind words.

    Rattling every molecule of misdirection, she would make you respect her reflection or ejection.
    Speaking her mind at any time
    Hand on hip
    neck would wind
    eyes would buck like "Who the... what you think this is?"
    Tell you how you been told wrong,
    but if I could I would sing her a song of kind words.
    I heard how pain chased you through thickets of emotional strain.
    How your trust was betrayed over and over again by birds that wouldn't fly straight.
    Left alone to save face
    but the situation left your reputation improperly portrayed.
    Your spirit outweighed anything that could ever take up space.
    The support system at home wasn't as strong as it needed to be.
    So you went at life alone not knowing soon it wouold lead you to me.
    and me on the other side with a huge head and false pride,
    tried to hide my desires deep down inside.
    I tried to fake true, and fell for you.
    Fear made me shake loose from the breakthrough.
    I tried to shake you.
    Tried to shake you,
    but amnesia wouldn't take you.
    Time would rewind just to replay you in my mind.
    Now every thought of you is kind.
    It's not only me but every he or she that ever addressed the spirit you posess can say nothing less than kind words.
    The deacons and preachers at the church
    have nothing to say but kind words about you.
    Learned speakers and assistant teachers shout proud about you like
    Perfect strangers that never knew the danger of getting cut up by you, have nothing to say but kind words because you are not the same girl.
    You sat upon The Potter's wheel
    you've let the fires burn you pure
    it seemed like you had lost your soul
    redeemed you came out gleeming gold.
    A brazen beauty that angels envy, locks soft like snow.
    My arms can hardly hold what heaven sent me.
    Anger as hot as the Earth's core.
    If you cried your tears are culpable to flood multiple shores.
    Unlike any ever before.
    I see her floating past satan's tricks, past his leagues of violent misfits and maniacal miscreants.
    The definition of continuance, the description of discernment.
    I'd enlist to gain admission, then petition to make her a permanent fixture in my life
    a mixture of bright and night
    how addictive is my chocolate delight.

    You are like a dime in a world of pennies
    a distinct design in a sea of many
    I'd list each one of her flaws, if any.
    I adore her more than plenty.
    Much more than before, man she is the type you would leave your girlfriend for.
    The type to get your ship caught up in a whirlwind but then
    you are finding you prefer the touch of her hand, her stance, and her spin.
    I'd tell her she was the coolest girl I know and although some might call me foolish I'd bury
    the last ten years, my past and my fears
    man she's the type you try to marry.
    It's not a normal thing to make a man that usually has hearts in the palm of his hands
    submit to his own weakness.
    To have him drop his charm and quirky response to diabetically
    suffer from your sweetness.
    Palpatations of anticipation,
    my heart is racing while I am waiting for you to
    curl your lips from those pearly whites
    feminine psyche soft and light
    like the flight of the most exotic of birds
    warranting various kind words like,
    you are
    Like Love
    you yield
    you are bright
    like stars
    the fileds.
    Lead a path to new life like three righteous wise and that light in the sky.

    If sunshine were to take a bath the splash would be your laugh.
    If you were a season my seed would need just a dash to be the sweetest.
    If you were a season you would be in between the solstice of spring and heaven
    just left of the window where God pours out blessings.
    I am four years her senior but yet she expresses a more discreet demeanor.
    An age older and the grey outweighs the darker shades but
    you look at me with the youngest eyes.
    Make me feel like a kid again.
    Brand new and powerful like the first line of the scroll the old testament was written in.
    An excess of tension, eyes tinting like violet.
    My imagination goes sprinting but it's too private to mention
    and too special to share.
    Innocence must be preserved.
    She is magnificent intelligence and I keep finding kind words
    so I'll need more than a breath to express how I feel.
    Like I need more than a pinch to test if she's real.
    I would need a century of sheets to stockade our memories
    of how she touched your life and how much she meant to me.
    How she came and prayed for you
    how she felt enough for us to tell us the truth.
    What joy when she said I do
    and she does
    provide tides of love I would need a dyne of time to describe.
    From our first meeting to a bleeding heart beating in my outstretched hand
    leaving hurt and deceiving to a lesser man
    and standing tall
    man she was the reason for it all.
    My mission now is to serve and to keep you smitten with the kindest words like
    you give
    Like Love
    you gain
    at night
    you live
    the rain.
    Preparing for a new day.

    Every storm is just a test to draw the best from all of us
    but the rest is to reflect where you are.
    Leaves fall from the trees to worship at your feet.
    Each snowflake attempts to impersonate your singularity.
    So unique you confuse because when dudes see you, they stare at me!
    Like "How he pull a chick like that?"
    I might just answer how indeed
    but trust it wasn't just me being me
    It was because God allowed us to see underneath
    to what He saw in us
    to what He might call love.

    You are a sunray on Sunday
    a cool gust of wind
    a glass flute of lust with a hint of sin
    you just too much and I can't wait to give in
    to the whims of my friend
    and settle into that comfortable place where wounds tend to mend
    and hearts tend to be safe
    and the secrets we tell are locked with chains of lace
    like the patterns in the veil I lifted from your face
    and gently placed a kiss
    I wouldn't have believed a soul if they had told me
    this vision
    of Hershey dipped bliss,
    would be my misses
    So I put emphasis on all my kisses.
    If I could whisper
    the kindest words,
    then that's what this is.

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    DeepEclipse commented on Kind Words


    Man it echoes vivid emotion with clever wordplay and brilliant metaphor. A strong representation of open submissiveness. Something we all feel at sometime but won't admit to. I like how the piece holds nothing back and honors her with deep sincerity. [diabetically suffer from your sweetness.] - So cleverly worded. And this line...[Speaking her mind at any time Hand on hip neck would wind] - hahah clever display of words man. When you know you've gone too far :) A brilliantly worded piece sculpted in love's best attribute. The care for another. Amazing piece.



    I Love Her. (sigh)

    ginga commented on Kind Words


    savant, If ever I read a love story so true this emphatic lover cannot forget the girl even for a second. The obsession in all of this is redeeming and profound. Loved it. ginga



    You sensed obsession? Hmmmmm. I hadn't considered that. Thanks for the added perspective.

    SavVySam commented on Kind Words


    So many lovely lines, so much lyrical flow, so much LOVE was pored out into this wonderful toast to your Bride! Very very sweet!



    I want women to swoon and men to regurgitate. LOL! Thanks for the feedback Savvy.




    Tempy commented on Kind Words


    If sunshine were to take a bath the splash would be your laugh.Leaves fall from the trees to worship at your feet. Each snowflake attempts to impersonate your singularity. some stand out lines in an amazing poem. I was completly drawn in, and loved every line of it.



    Thanks Tempy! It was difficult coming up with the kind of imagery that would help a reader see what I see in the subject of this piece, so I had to use the kind of phrases that everyone could relate to. The short version of this piece would be "My wife is friggin awesome!". That wouldn't make the best poem I don't think. LOL

    Bethane1978 commented on Kind Words


    Your poem was excellent as usual and you did your wife proud. I bet she loved it when you read it to her.



    I recited it to her at a Christmas party in 08. She was totally surprised and she did love it. It was cheesy but I think women like professions of love and I do love her, so there ya have it. Thanks for reading it. I know it was kinda long.

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    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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