Knight Dreams


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    Poem Commentary

    A little insight into my writings ....

    Knight Dreams

    In my dreams - I am free to fly,
    High above all my troubles in life.
    Escaping the pain by letting it go,
    And freeing my mind, my heart, my soul.
    In my dreams - I am the White Knight,
    I battle the dragon and win the fight.
    I take on all foes and the evil hoards,
    They fall from the blow of my mighty sword.
    In my dreams - I feel so alive,
    No need to hide behind mask or disguise.
    I possess the strength of one hundred men,
    And gain the power to live once again.
    In my dreams - when I'm the Black Knight,
    I am drawn to the darkness, nightmares and like.
    Where Witches and Warlocks and Evil Queens,
    Sometimes possess me with their evil schemes.
    In my dreams - I feel free to cry,
    With my heart on my sleeve, tears in my eyes.
    Cleansing my soul as it frees me again,
    Allowing feelings to flow from heart to pen.
    In my dreams - I am not alone,
    I'm surrounded by friends I call my own.
    And I know they'll be there waiting for me,
    Tonight when I sleep - Tonight -
    In my dreams!


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    Corinna commented on Knight Dreams


    I believe the only time I'm truly awake is in my dreams... I think we all can see YOU in this piece & I like what I see. Great read.



    Thanks Corinna! Glad ya like! :) I am honored you think so highly of my works my new friend! This is my calling card poem so to speak - it captures my different writing styles and is a thank you to my friends as well. Thanks again for being an avid reader .. I haven't much time to be online as my status states - but I promise I will be visiting ur page soon. Thanks again, Ken

    dahlusion commented on Knight Dreams


    "I had too much to dream last night... too much to dream..." Ken, This is a lovely write on the beauty of dreaming. Bravo! Peace and Light, Dah



    Thanks Dah! :) I appreciate it as usual my friend! I wrote this to try to provide some insight into my poetry. My styles range from extremely dark - to spiritual - so instead of making people wonder if I'm a sick bastard - I figured I'd confirm it! lol! :) Thanks again! Ken

    Artie commented on Knight Dreams


    Dude - this is an awesome write. There are many sides to our existence and for some reality is the toughest, but it does have it's moments, and those are what we live for - 10 from me



    Thanks Artie! I appreciate it man! You nailed it! Reality can be a bitch - but, we must be strong and prevail .. it is what makes us appreciate the good times in life! Thanks again my friend! :) Ken

    Teardrops commented on Knight Dreams


    My knight how you amor does shine with this poem you show your tomented soul that ravens feast on . Then we see the true knight with a soul of light and peace and one who will fight for all man kind . Loved the poem truly one of your best



    Thank you so much Marie for your fantastic comments. I am happy you enjoyed it! :) I tried to give a little insight into my writings, guess I succeded! :) Ken

    countrypoet commented on Knight Dreams


    Ken, This vividly wonderful poem reveals you for the highly virtuous person that I know you to be.Your talent for writing beautiful,inspiring poetry is beyond mere words noble Sir Knight and I humbly bow to you out of respect and admiration. Terry



    Thanks Terry! :) You do humble me so with your comments. But I definately appreciate them. :) Thanks again my friend for your awesome comments and review! :) Ken

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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