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Lady Tells Her Story
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Lady Tells Her Story

My Lady lives in Animal Heaven and in My Fantasy I visited Saint Bernard Peter and asken Him if He Could Send Lady Back to Earth for a Visit. Lady's here Now and She's Going to Tell You Her Story.

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I love my dogs and my dogs love me.
Together we make a happy family.
There’s Charley, Lady, then there’s me
The three of us enjoy each others company.

With these guys in my life I’m never alone.
They both wait at the door for me to get home.
They love to take long walks to the park.
And sometimes we walk the streets after dark.

Ladies a Lab as sweet as she can be.
And my little Charles’s a mystery.
They have their own room in our domain.
A yard where running and romping is their game.

We take care of stray cats in our neighborhood.
We feed and love them and show brotherhood.
Yes there’s lots of love in my little family.
And it’s right up front for all to see.

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dahlusion commented on Lady Tells Her Story


A friend to hold, closely, to treasure, to run with........

Qualin commented on Lady Tells Her Story


A man's best friend here on this earth they never argue or say no, always ready to go at your command,a Love unending ,if the women would only grab-hold what a wonderful world for men....I may as well be a dog!!!!! good write...Qualin

AmadeusEx commented on Lady Tells Her Story


you recently added me as friend and i was confused why, i dont think youve read anything that i have written, but i dont care, i read your bio and though its a story as old as time, there is much for me to learn about ultimate fate, if only so that i may attempt to understand it when it inevitably befalls me

SavVySam commented on Lady Tells Her Story


Good Morning BDC! Sounds like a family filled with love to be sure! Good for you tending to strays! We keep a bag of dog biscuits on hand too for visiting dogs! My cat says, she is not into sharing...Stingy ole thing! Good one for our furry friends!

mamasan commented on Lady Tells Her Story


I listened to the audio and your voice is just perfect for the telling of Lady's life. And, now I read this poem here and its real neat and is all aobut your family. It is nice that you let us in to see for ourselves how they frolic and they love you and you all respect each other's needs. If that home needs a name Love would be the perfect name.



Thank you Grand Lady of Rhyme

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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