Last Christmas Rain


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This poem was written solely by my eleven year old son, Luke.(except for punctuation, and capitals!)
Luke even arranged the format with very little instruction.
This is the first he has publicly shown his work, accept for a short story at school that won an award, out of five competing area schools. I Am very proud of him, and I think this piece he has written showcases his ability and bright future in writing.

"This poem is written about domestic violence and how it effects the child. I am letting Mom post this in hopes that the message will be read by the right people, and bring peace. Thank you for reading, ...Hi John!"~Luke A.Tamborini

Last Christmas Rain



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SavVySam commented on Last Christmas Rain


Congratulations Luke! This is a very powerful and important poem! You have chosen to write about something that effects so many people we know and see each and every day. Very nice work, you should be extremely proud of yourself, and the talent you have shown here!! Write on young Sir!

icu2 commented on Last Christmas Rain


Luke, You need to ask your mom to let you have your own site on O.P. Then you could post all the time and we would get to read all the time! You are a chip off the block...lucky you! Amazing stuff!



To many perves roamin around-I know Im a protective momma!!-yes,hes amazing-all three of them are-theyll have their time to speak, Im sure of that-thank you for your support!!-mommamaddi

WordSlinger commented on Last Christmas Rain


Happy Birthday Luke', tell Mom, to save me some cupcakes, lol, :) WS

dancinghawk commented on Last Christmas Rain


holy cats, indeed, Madelynn ... a prodigy, in touch with innocence and compassion ... ty for posting here! -dh



Thank u, I am very proud of his true with my other kids!-Maddi

stellar commented on Last Christmas Rain


My gosh,,,I was talented child...



Thanks Stellar!-I know!-I told him to write me a poem, original and unique about X-mas. I was expecting Santa, or baby Jesus.-This is what I got! I should have expected it though-in my house we have been 'creating' their entire lives.I have three children.11, 16, 19. All of my kids write. They also paint, and sketch..and, just create!LOL. My kids come home and there like," momma, I gor a D in math." Im always like..ok, we'll work together to bring it up, but...what did ya get in ART??-LOL.-thanx!-Maddi

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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