Last Place I Looked


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    Last Place I Looked

    There as always: frustration bubbling
    over like overcooked oatmeal,
    lies the object of my search,
    perched and willing my anger
    to have another look,
    stuffed into a corner, smiling its innocence.
    Intolerable denial,
    in the last place I looked.

    Having its way with me
    again, like some worn out hooker on
    Johnson street, assembled together,
    without instruction,
    hidden from view
    until that magical moment 
    time and space interact with relevance,
    to appear from nowhere,
    (and have the last laugh)
    knowing a repeat performance is just
    around any corner, like out of a book,
    I re-search the area
    knowing it can't be any further
    than the last place I look.

    No mystery is greater than
    that which i undertook,
    to understand the machinations,

    the last place I looked.

    I think they may be
    in concert with the clothes dryer
    whoever they are, wherever they live,
    they always show up
    in the last place I look

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    Savant commented on Last Place I Looked


    I'm a light hearted person so this is easily my favorite Rogue work of art thus far. The form is perfect in my opinion. It flows like a designated driver, steady, until we reach home, which oddly enough is in the last place I looked.

    lucindaclaire commented on Last Place I Looked


    I like this one. So much less droll then Death's Tendril. Humor gives more meaning to the day then all other expectations, half of which are never met, at least not by me. Lucindaclaire

    knight4696 commented on Last Place I Looked


    RP - This one is laced with humor and realism, then wrapped in a sweet package of a poem. You certainly have a way that makes me think! Very enjoyable write! Ken

    themommyof2 commented on Last Place I Looked


    LOL that is too funny. Dryers eat socks!!! It's true. I had 26 odd ones the other week. True story.

    inspiredbyluv commented on Last Place I Looked


    wow another great one i really love this because it kept me into it!!

    In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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