I have a draft folder full of messages I very nearly sent;

You have an inbox full of ones I very nearly did not and true,

I wish a number of those were still an untyped firefly in my heart yet to vent,

Like the one wherein I confess to loving you.


Could we go back to dancing in a kitchen that doesn’t belong to us?

Forget we ever fell further than the chair?

Let’s go there, never leave, because Christ I miss you now, believe

Me, I could do it because I care.


Things get too real, so we feel there’s no other way,

But it all happened so fast- it could never start let alone last eh mate?

Yet I wish it were possible to side-step what we said yesterday

And return to under-milked Milanos, talks of Paris and running into lifts too late.


Yet I doubt it is, so I shall go away and make lemonade as you always told me to.

And as I do, I’ll raise a glass or two to my February Belle,

Who plucked me from the depths and dried me, never tried me and ended up climbing inside me through

The crack in my heart, which she patched up from the inside so no one could tell.


Thank you, you mended me well.

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Narrator commented on Lemonade


A glass raised as a lasting salute, to those little things in life which guide us back to the correct path. An eloquent and honest poem which I admire for its unassuming and open hearted truth. To take the bitterness and make it sweet is a true talent indeed, talent met by the skill showed here. A lovely read, your Lemonade left a very plesant after taste.



Very clever comment, I like this! Thank you so much. To be perfectly honest, I am not keen on this poem, it is too simple for my liking, though there are certain elements, or images, I am find of. I guess some may say the simplicity nicely reflects the rather childlike optimism of taking positives from negatives, but I like poetry that challenges the reader. Nevertheless, thank you so much for reading :)

JadedJezzabel commented on Lemonade





You guess completely right JJ. This one is a simple one in structure, to capture the simplicity of both the relationship and the subsequent breakup. It was short-lived, amicable and I had a lot to thank the person for, hence I was making lemonade from this particular lemon. Thank you for your kind words.

MindNumbing commented on Lemonade


An IMMEDIATE save to my faves (a very lonely place for it to be, as there are only a few there). Once again, you've knocked me out with your rhyme scheme... I adore the way you weave your words together with perfect symmetry. This is incredible in structure and content, Arron. Awesome job!



Thank you so much for that kind honour Michelle. This poem is relatively simple for me, more conventional rhyme scheme, but sometimes simple is best. This is about a relationship that ended early and rather amicably, perhaps I wish I hadn't been so full on, but I learnt a lot from the person, hence me vowing to make lemonade from this lemon, and raise a glass in thanks to her for picking me up following a bitter breakup. This is similar to Dust, being about the same person, and also The Answer and Heartaches Don't Come With Handbrakes.

gregster commented on Lemonade


i thought i was going to read about a refreshing drink but this is cool too



Haha, thanks man! The title may seem misleading, but simply refers to the old 'if life gives you lemons, make lemonade' proverb. Thanks for stopping by and reading, even if it wasn't quite what you expected! Cheers

When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) Thirty-fifth President of the USA

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