Les Neuf Soeurs[The Nine Sisters]


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    Les Neuf Soeurs[The Nine Sisters]

    Calliope has turned her back on fate,
    She will be a muse no more,
    She has halted all her metrical speech,
    She no longer frollicks,
    At the fountain of Hippocrene,
    She no longer answers Apollo,
    The Mousagetes,in Delphi,
    Corycides,the cave on Mount Parnassos
    is cold and empty,
    For the Muses have followed Calliope,
    The eldest and supposed wisest of them all,


    Yet,Melpomene knows of the tragedy,
    Her sister shall sow by this choice,
    For without Les Neuf Soeurs,
    The world shall reap this seed,


    There will never be another mousa,
    Sung nor written,
    About the stars,
    Sadness or laughter,
    About music ,dancing,
    Or even love,


    For if Urania follows,
    There will be noone to appreciate the stars,
    Without Clio,
    No history will be told,
    Without Thalia,
    No comedy shall bring forth laughter,


    Music will have no tune without Euterpe,
    No dance to step to without Terpischore,
    Nothing will ever be sacred,
    Without the pensive Polyhynnia,
    And without Erato,
    Favored Erato,
    There will be no passion,
    No love,


    And then ,
    There is Calliope,
    For whom ,
    And without whom,
    There will be no epic ending,


    All that will be left ,
    Is the tragedy,
    Of Melpomene.

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    Rygar commented on Les Neuf Soeurs[The Nine Sisters]


    classically written, an ode to a time when poets were masters of word and the world would wait for the next musing from the mind of a genius... yes, i liked this one.

    BadBadBear commented on Les Neuf Soeurs[The Nine Sisters]


    Reading this awesome poem takes bear back, back to an almost forgotten time and place. As bear walked the less traveled footpath in the ancient forest .. he fortunately discovered your high cerebral writings that have been preserved, hidden deep in the foliage!

    Rhymer commented on Les Neuf Soeurs[The Nine Sisters]


    Excellent write, you certainly own the arena when it comes to mythology writing. A 10 from me.

    MrGee commented on Les Neuf Soeurs[The Nine Sisters]


    EXCELLENT! Truly a well thought- out poem . To be denied the use of Mount Helicon and its poetic inspiration fills me with thoughts of desperation. Excellent meter and a truly thought provoking stanza's. BRAVO! 10

    mistynites26 commented on Les Neuf Soeurs[The Nine Sisters]


    Love this.....I'm a great fan of mythology and this poem brings into light the muses so well. Wonderful write!

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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