Letter to You, Not knowing who...


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I wrote this as a letter and it just came out this way. I didn't mean it to rhyme and it didn't take much time. But it's about a so called friend that wants to be my boyfriend that I'm struggling to commit to when drugs and alcohol is what he chooses. Is it wrong for me to feel like this or say this?

Letter to You, Not knowing who...

Who R U?
I do love you & it's a love
that's brand new!
But here's what I want and need,
so please listen to me!
I love you and I know you love me too,
but I will NOT be with someone
who drinks, does drugs and chews!
I'm sorry if that offends you!
But I've already been thru
all that abuse and I refuse to
always be so confused!
I don't need your love if
drinking and drugs is what you choose?
I don't deserve much! 
But  I don't use
drugs & alcohol
for a crutch!
I don't need another relationship
full of lust or unforgiving love!
I need a man who listens and understands.
A beginning of the future,
not a nightmare of the past!
I need a relationship that's meant to last!
The time I've spent with you
has been a blast 
and I didn't expect it
to fade so fast:(
But it's time you wake up
and really see what it is you love?
Because I won't be another women
to be pushed and shoved!
I don't need no more lies
from dishonest guys,
and I don't need to
regret everytime I try!
I need someone who will be here
and someone who cares!
My love is extremely rare and
I refuse to give it to a man
who's blind to my stare!
So, please be honest and
respectful to me because
happiness is what I want to see!
Speak of words I beleive and
make it hard for me to breath!
Don't call me names and
bring me further in your game!
I already feel ashamed! 
Why am I  always the one being blamed?
So please listen to what I feel,
because these words are real!
And I'm sorry but my heart,
someone else did steal.
If you can prove to me
your better then he,
then I will give you a chance with me?
But not with the drama, drugs,
alcohol, what if's and why's,
because I am willing to give you a try
if you come clean with all the lies! 
I am not saying all this to be mean,
but it's the truth and if
you love me like you say you do,
then being with me should be all you need?
You still think this is cruel?
Well, it's better then the truth,
It's words long ago you should have heard!
I'm sorry for all the pain! 
It's me who's always the victim
of another man's game!
If you want to talk to me, feel free?
If you don't want to then I'm sorry,
but it's time you face up to the truth?
I didn't say this to hurt you!
I just know you...
and you don't know what
your getting yourself into.
I've tried to tell you...!
So, please forgive me for
wishing you were he...
Spiritually, Physically and Emotionally,
I need a man to love me for ME!!!
I don't know what else to say,
except none of this is O.K.!
Don't take this the wrong way,
I don't need him or want him,
Since I met you, I want you more everyday!
It's just he's been there for me constantly.
And although I love him lust is all he'll ever see,
You Are the one I want for me!!!! 
I just want you to see what I see?!
Beleive in God and you shall receive...
I've tried and all I can do is ask why,
and I'm really sorry if I make you cry?
But I can't be the center
of everyone's lies and
bottom of everyone's life! 
If you want me as your wife,
then you'll change your life?
I won't tell you what to do or
where to go and that
you should already know!
But it's time I start taking
control and saying NO!
I won't go back to the way
things were before,
when everyday of my relationships
I was treated like some
dirty whore and I AM NOT!!!
So, your on the spot,
Am I better then alcohol and pot?
Am I worth all you got?
This is alot and it's my heart that rots... 
What I thought?
Go on about your day
and leave me to drown in mine everyday.
I don't need you,
I don't need nobody!
I am who God made me
and someday I'll be proud to be me.
If drugs and alcohol complete you
then I set myself free from us
because this ain't love.
This just isn't enough!
It's always whore's, drugs, or
alcohol getting all the love and 
I'm stuck with a handful of lust?
When will I win?
When is it my turn to begin?
When will all this bullshit end? 
Will I ever have a true friend,
or an honest faithful man? 
That I may never understand... 
Hope to hear back from you
and I'm sorry I told you the harsh truth
But remember I am hear for you, 
I still feel I love you,
but not as much as I wish too...
Only because I know you don't
feel the same way I do:(
Love me, your baby girl
The end of your world...

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StandingBear commented on Letter to You, Not knowing who...


No wrong seen here, this is a fantastic prenup the man you love (and he loves you in return) should have to sign right before marriage.

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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