Letting Go


  • wiskeygirl5090
  • I've been gone for quit some time but I'm back and ready to write more poetry.

Poem Commentary

I wrote this song for my beautiful Mother Diane M Young, she has been very sick for the last three months and we arent sure how much more time she has I hope everyone who reads this will enjoy it!!!

Letting Go

To many times we stand aside
and let the world pass us by,
why cant each day just slow down,
and give us a little more time?

You gave me these wings so someday
I could fly away from the nest you
built out of love for all of us.
Oh Momma, why does it seem letting
go is just way to hard.

I've been watching you, your the
most beautiful woman I've knowen,
your my hero and I wanna be just like
you. You've worked so hard all your
life, I know you must be tired so now
its time for you to rest.

When God calls you home, heaven will get
the most prefect angel they've ever seen.
I know you'll be watching over all of us
like you've always done.
You'll tell us not to cry and not to worry
cuz your finally free of pain
and your dancing oh yeah your dancing.

You gave me these wings so someday
I could fly away from the nest you
built out of love for all of us.
Oh Momma, why does it seem letting
go is just way to hard.

Oh Momma, why does it seem letting
go is just way to hard.

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EyemMatt commented on Letting Go


I feel your sadness in this song. I feel great happiness that you have faith in our Lord and God. I believe your mother is watching over you. She will always be there. To me this life is like a boot camp or school. We all will be called upon to 'graduate' some day. When that day comes we enter into the kingdom of Heaven and we are then born anew and sinless through the shed blood of Christ. We then begin our live of peace and love with our Almighty Father.

Kingwebstar commented on Letting Go


Love this poem .Well at least you know you have heaven watching over you.Stay positive and fate is fate life goes on even when it seems so hard. Love Da KinG

JaleesaSoco commented on Letting Go


Sorry to hear about your mom. But she will always be with you Thanks for sharing

shywoodrose commented on Letting Go


My heart goes out to you and I can relate very much to your feelings expressed here. Sending loving comfort your way enclosed with the rocking hug your mom would be giving you right now, Blessings! :-)

angelchaser commented on Letting Go


I am so very sorry for your painful loss. I know no words can comfort you now, just know there are people here who care and will be thinking of you.

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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