Lie with you


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    Lie with you


    I would lie with you in the deep of the darkest night. I would lie with you

    in a forest with no starlight. I would lie with you in the summer heat of an

    August cornfield. I would lie with you......I would lie with you.........

    I would die for you with no thought for my own life. I would marry you and

    make you my lovely wife.


    But years went by as they are wont to do. You found another and then

    in bitter irony, I lost you. It breaks the heart when we cannot claim what

    we wished for oh so long. I would lie with you, oh dear. I cry for you.


    There is a pure stillness in my front yard before the dawn. As the dewdrops

    shower the earth. The newspaper hits my lawn.

    And I think on you. What could have been, yet never will.

    I am lost, alone and carry on, I miss you still.


    I would lie with you in our old age. I would lie with you and listen as

    you vented from your day. I would lie with you in silken or cotton sheets.

    I would steal for you, I would kill for you. I would lie with you.


    As time goes by and the fickle fates played with us. I wondered why

    I could never be enough. Do you sit there now in that big city far away?

    Weeping with remembrance for our memory? Or have you moved on with

    no thought into the Vegas desert nights. A million neon man made stars to

    hide in? I cry for you. Goodnight.......



    Phil G. Inman Sr.

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    Mareann commented on Lie with you


    A most sentimental poem of lost love and longing for... that special someone to be back in your life... A nice poem for sure, a pleasure to read, Mary



    I appreciate you reading and commenting on my work Mary , it means the world to me.

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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