Life, Dont talk to me about life... A poetic Trilogy in four parts.


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In memory of Douglas Adams

Life, Dont talk to me about life... A poetic Trilogy in four parts.


I do not recall what I was up to
And I do not recall where I was
But I’m certain of how I felt
A grey mist clouded my sight
My world turned into night
Bright colours looked old
The sun shone cold
On the day
That he


Many men have numbers
Here I will name a few
Beckham wore number 7
Now he wares 32
But his numbers will pass on
No such fate for you.

Einstein had an equation
For which he is renowned
An amazing achievement to be sure
Of which he was rightly proud
But an equation is not the answer
It lacks something profound.

Sir Isaac Newton knew, a thing or two
No time for depravity
He worked out the laws of motion
He discovered gravity
But those things we there to be found
His genius you see
Was inventing the cat flap
And you taught that to me.

All these men are linked with numbers
And as a general rule
Trying to understand them
Is enough to make me pule*
(although one of them for reasons,
Which oppose the other two.)
But there is a certain number and
If I’m any judge it’s true
That it makes people chuckle
And this is down to you
For though they may not know your name
They remember Forty Two.


In Offices, on walls and desks
In this world, all-around
Are funny notes about deadlines
And their ‘whooshing’ sounds
And although I kind of worship you
The reason for this bit of rhyme
Is that I love the way you could not submit
A sodding word on time.


A writing group in Enfield, A young girl.
She talks, recounting passages from one
of her favourite authors, even though
She was only three, when he passed away

She keeps his words alive in heart and mind.
He is not looking down from above us,
To him this entire concept was silly,
Sillier even than his own imaginings.

Yet his voice echo's still, in books and DVDs,
Or forgotten plastic paranoid androids.
His passing has left a hole in the psyche,
Of the world, that nobody has yet filled.

Regardless we try,
May we keep trying,
And never forget,
Douglas Noel Adams.
(11 March 1952 – 11 May 2001)

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HannahJonesMdx commented on Life, Dont talk to me about life... A poetic Trilogy in four parts.


I love it Constantine, I like how you reference other people in comparison and your first stanza was pretty snazzy the way it lost a word each line!

To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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