Life in a Box


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    Life in a Box

    Trapped, unable to breathe...
    Thats what you do to me.
    I try so hard to be myself, to let my soul out
    But you dont understand me or anything Im about...
    That girl you used to know is long gone, you took what heart she had left when you decided to change who you were overnight;
    I want out of this box Ive let be built up around me, want to scream and let go of this fight.
    Will you let me go? ...let go of the chains and lock? Or should I just walk away and free myself from this life in a box?

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    MichaelTierney commented on Life in a Box


    this is nice, keep at it and put as much of yourself into it as you can

    Kandrew commented on Life in a Box


    Yes, and sometimes, there isn't even a chain or a lock...not really. And yet we are still sat there, with our knees up against our chest and our arms wrapped around them. Our head is hanging down, and our eyes are looking out between the hair that has fallen in front of them...seeking permission to get out, when there isn't even a door to keep us in.

    laydbak1 commented on Life in a Box


    Good depth to this story pondering the sinking feeling that life is in a trap and the ability to fend for itself has been taken away....

    Spiralout1022 commented on Life in a Box


    ahh i feel it, trapped but able to leave, ive been over these thoughts plenty of times, stay or go, wait it out or leave, wondering if it would end at any minute, short and to the point good write.

    sincere commented on Life in a Box



    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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