Life is Fragile Handle with Prayer


Life is Fragile Handle with Prayer

Life is fragile handle with prayer
The LORD is the only one who really cares
He's the one that knows when you feel like pulling out your hair
He's the one that know if your heart is in despair.
He wants you to be careful out there
There's no telling what can happen if your not aware
The devil's on the prowl
He's waiting to make you fall
He'll have up against the wall
With temptation all around.
If I was you I would call on the one that wears the crown
With him wisdom can be found
He'll make you sturdy on the ground
He'll be your foundation
With Him you can defeat temptation
He'll show you the revelations
We need to transport thoughts from one brain to another
and that's how you spread the word
So the LORD can be heard
That's how you do your part if you really want to serve.
GOD you are to amazing for words!!!!
Most times you make me feel like I can handle anything in the world.
Your the reason I'm strong
I don't know why it took me so long
Thank you LORD for the ability to speak
Without you I could not say a word
I want to know all you want me to say
I think that's my reason for living
My thoughts is to much for the average mind
I have what you call Intricate Thinking
You have to dissect my thoughts to really know what I mean
To me sometimes this life seems like a dream
I just want to scream
Because my thoughts are flowing out like a stream
There's no explanation for the flow
it just knows it needs to be told.

So right here my life will unfold
You will see and feel many things that were really cold
People might say I was bold
to live this life that I live
and not let it drop me to my knees
I just think it is week to not come up with a solution
Because to most people giving up is the resolution
Not me, not I!
This is why
The reason being, that I was not designed to fail only to prevail
And I know GOD wouldn't make no loser
That's the reason he chose her.

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countrypoet commented on Life is Fragile Handle with Prayer


I love this beautiful and inspiring great testament of faith.The rhythm is perfect and the wording is excellent. Terry



Glory to God he is my inspiration. Thank you:)

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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