Life quickly changes - The story continues -


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    This is a true story. More to come.

    Life quickly changes - The story continues -

    When I was alone and you were at home
    Your joys and needs were fulfilled
    But I was the one who was not your son
    A baby unattended filled with fear

    A baby girl, helpless and new
    In this world there were only few
    Who were part of her life day to day
    But the question remains why did she stay

    Crying, screaming, dirty and cold
    Yells from my room left unheard
    Granted you, yourself were not very old
    But your perversions were all too true

    Angry and sad came your wife to the home
    To straighten the rights from the wrongs
    You had to leave you were not alone
    And it was her who calmed all my fears

    A bath and a meal and some time for us
    Singing outloud "the wheels on the bus"
    Time heals all wounds is a modern cliche'
    But when she was there she knew what to say

    At first we were three and then we were two
    Our lives had already been changed
    Your absense had no effect on me
    Your own daughter younger than three

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    bforibus commented on Life quickly changes - The story continues -


    very well done. it sang the emotion of acceptance. showed me why and why u had to very well done and it felt more inspirational then any other emotion i felt

    Joshy commented on Life quickly changes - The story continues -


    wow, that's pretty good... it's like a long SHORT SHORT story told but straightforward to the point of why it's like that... Love it, Ladydraeko. =)

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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