Life's Lessons


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this is about a child in an abusive, loveless and fatherless home and the mother is either expecting or has a new child.

Life's Lessons

A tearful child,

from another broken home,

I can forget my

past, but only some:

The vicious fights

and argument matches;

the holey roof

without any patches;

the drinking and

the bottle smashing;

destruction always

crashing, crashing.

The constant stream

of men: in and out.

How to survive

when I can not shout?

When all I can do

is sit silently?

When all I say must

be said politely?

These pasts I can

not forget,

But I can

make a bet…

I bet there

will be another one,

just like me.

No love, much pain, no fun.

I point it out to her:

who’s quick to fight,

quick to anger, but

slow to make it right.

Not much later,

another is there,

and all I can do is smile,

and teach him: to grin and bear.

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cmlestrade commented on Life's Lessons


This is a marvelous statement on how it really is for some children. it's an emotional piece that highlights the neglect and abuse a mother may unsuspectingly not realize what her personal choices are doing to her children.

To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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