Like Water for Dark Chocolate....


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    Introspective conversation with self...

    Like Water for Dark Chocolate....

    Life and its subtleties, I remember when I broke my wrist, looking up to the sky in its quiet bliss. To be hated by few then loved by many makes my stomach turn, perhaps I need food, it feels empty. Flow is hard to reach sometimes. If I confess my crimes to the masses of listening minds, who could forgive me? Who could continue to view my lines? Who could still love me? Could you ignore my compromise? I am happy and sad most times, sometimes I want to run away and leave everything behind, start from scratch with nothing but my body and mind to suffice how I eat and sleep and earn my dime. However, would it be so different than currently inclined? Hell yeah it would! My collective eyes, cause it would be my way, my own situation, my time. Let those that think the same, rise like the phoenix to fly and set ablaze a trail and mark your history's divide. It's a scary thing not knowing your destiny in life, I meet my fate everyday, a few impressions weren't right, no regrets for said happenings, I am searching for flight, one moment, one motivating scar to my plight that reverses my biography, my innate decisions, the prison of my oneness empathetic to sympathetic reasons. I am treason. My soul kinda hates it every now and then. I am honest. My soul kinda hates it every now and again. Impulsive inclinations led me to where I am, proud I survived the strife of what I am. I am happy that I been through all the things that met an end. Some began again, I don't really know why I trend, I love to laugh at many things, love is not one of them. I wish I could give the world to three women; my mother, my grandmother, and the object of my affection. This is who I am now, so you need to pay attention, or not, I don't care a lot, first lesson in admission. Viewing nature tells me so many things. We cannot out smart her, she laughs at such things. I can be emotionless in defense of inner things. I want the rapture. Love can be as fickle as many things. My broad intelligence is just a ravine, the desert surrounding is abrasive in allowing its spreading. Lets dig a trench, I want to become an ocean, but first I need flow obviously to become one. Do I allow my loyalties to betray my true path? If I did my own thing would it make me crass? I want to see the world, I want to experience, I want my family ok, my thoughts you can't imagine. I may sound gloom in this soliloquy, I am not at all, beyond the sad I am happy. I laugh a lot, I love more, I am held to heart, I am still young and active, I follow my heart. I know one day I will make my mark, I will see fruition, conquer my spark. One can be so high on the mountain, then the next day not. Don't judge me for what I have or what I have not, what are things but impressioned relics soon lost to dirt and soot. Perhaps my deeper comprehension of intangible parts holds something greater for me in life's art. So let it rain, give me pain, give me what is ordained or not. This is life and its subtleties I so often remark. It's like water for dark chocolate. Take it for what it's worth. This metaphor gives me pause in meaning of my outburst. My fire, the flow, my temperament, my need to show, the bitter sweet love of things, the mixing within I grow. It's like water for dark chocolate, it shall be so in the midst of the subtleties from which I grow.

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    1990lh commented on Like Water for Dark Chocolate....


    Altair-OMG (((((((((((ALTAIR)))))))))))-I just decided randomly to get on here. I haven written in a while, but I was getting in the mood and this place just popped up in my head. I didn't expect to see anybody really active. I'M SOOO HAPPY you have new poems up-Your mind is really beautiful-I really fuckin felt this poem-the emotions were too real and I'm been feeling like the same kind of stirring in me lately. It's like I could hear you reading this out loud. Hugs again (((((((Altair))))))-I truly fuckin love y'all-y'all really help me get in touch with my inner poetic-love you AND I HONESTLY FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART WISH YOU NOTHING BUT PURE HAPPINESS AND ELATION-LACED WITH A LITTLE CRAZINESS-HAHAHA-love and peace hugs and kisses and be blessed and blissful-hugs again love you-just made my night-yay!!!



    My beautiful nightmare, how can I follow that up lol.. You, me, chat rooms.. Bananas! Haha.. I miss you young lady crazy, and I'm so damn happy I could inspire some extraness that's been there just dormant.... You are truly favored elitist amongst friends xo.. Love ya lady :-)

    MootPoint commented on Like Water for Dark Chocolate....


    I like this a lot. Two things though. One, it is hard to read as one big paragraph. It would be better to break it down IMHO. Also, I am not sure about the Water for Chocolate mention. I know it is a big part of this work, but I don't think you invented it. I think it is better to be original. Just my $.02.



    Hello MP, nice to see your comment, it has been quite a while, it is appreciated...I am glad you liked the expression, I understand your points, yet no defense is needed, its just a burst of thoughts given with no time for for the water for dark chocolate mention, simply put, I am its mixture, I make no claim on its source, "like" in itself warrants difference right ;)



    I am not suggesting you defend it. I am just giving my point of view.

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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