Listen To what I have to say


  • alexan
  • life is not a dream, people would say. I confused my reality with my dreams. Isan't that a bad thing? I don't really think so because deja vu really happens, its true

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The way it feels to not be answered or listened to, To be ordered, interupted, to be slaved and to feel alone.

Listen To what I have to say

When I'm with my mother, I talk to her for 2 minuets and she trails off..
She asks ' Who were you talking to' I always give her a questioning look
Then she stares for a moment
And talks to my brother about cars

I was with my dad alone in the house
I was talking about why my mother smokes
But when I got to the point
He was asleep
I went over to breathe on his face
He woke up and glared at me
I opened my mouth to say something
But he interrupts and says
' Go get me a sandwich, I ain't got all day'

I look at him from the corner of my eye to see him falling into another short slumber
I thought slowly to my self,' Why won't anyone listen to what I have to say, What ever did I do wrong'

Then I was in my senior year in high school
I was the president
Everyone was staring at me
More like glaring at me

I was about to speak
Then a couple of boys through
stuff at me

My eyes were now cold
I was infuriated

I screamed into the speaker as loud as I could
The room went silent
I said it one last more time
" Why won't anyone listen to what I've got to say"

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CasimirJash commented on Listen To what I have to say


don't you love poetry it allows you to express yourself, you right alone is not fun, I can relate 100% to this, but being alone is not always a bad thing, I kind of wish I was by myself sometimes because of how people act it makes me think, damn I glad I don't have to deal with that all day, but keep venting, it works and you become a better person and a better writer. great poem

Chaos128 commented on Listen To what I have to say


Frustrations are the things put in our way to keep us from making progress. If we don't let them occupy our minds and distract us, they'll become less and less effective. I got faith in you, Brooky, you're not gonna take your eye off the prize. Write on, Sister!



lol thanx i luv your poems tooo!!! *wink* ttyl

Phoenix9 commented on Listen To what I have to say


alone is no fun, yet if no one listen, your still alone, very good write



man ur good...

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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