Live Peacefully


Live Peacefully

Sometimes my heart aches

When I see the things that people do

How some can be so full of hate

Towards others…towards you too

They hate perfect strangers

For reasons even, that they have no control

Such as the color of their skin, their nationality

Discrimination still plays a role

My heart hurts just to watch the evening news

To see such violence…such cruelty

Every day it goes on

Abuse against children, the elderly…

 Innocent animals too

I can’t believe

It’s such a shame…

To inflict on others

Such unnecessary pain

How they justify their harsh judgments,

Their assumptions of others

It’s hard to know people’s story just by looking at their cover

Some people don’t seem to have built in

Such things as empathy or compassion

 They don’t seem to feel these things from within

Some even inflict abuse upon their own little children

It’s such a sad way to coexist

Why they hurt others

Just trying to live their own lives

Trying to make it in this world

It’s hard enough without being victimized

I pray that someday people in this world will change

That their hearts will soften and they will begin

To give others a chance before they let anger set in

I hope they will try to work out their disputes

Try to listen to each other

To understand differences

Between one another

 We should all try our best

To live peacefully together

We all need to look inside our hearts

To that place that lies somewhere inside

Reach right in and grab a hold

Be free of hate and let love flow

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WritingsByJanie commented on Live Peacefully


Shannie, this writing is so full of truths; however, some of them we can help others and some we can't. Really a wonderful piece of writing. Janie



Thanks for commenting Janie, I appreciate your reading my poetry.

ISWASALWAYS commented on Live Peacefully


Shannie well spoken I stand up and applaud, it's the people who's often unwilling to have an open mind and open heart. Taking it for granted in our most imperfect world, that a better tomorrow all begins and ends by extending our love. That we stand hear as soldiers together in the fight for a utopia.



thank you so much for your comment!

bklynrizz commented on Live Peacefully


Nice job. I like how your poems express the sad reality we call life. I too, like to write about the realities of life.



Yes mostly everything I have written is about an occurance in my life.

countrypoet commented on Live Peacefully


This poem is very well written and has a similar message to my poem" Pray For Peace".I pray that eventually everyone will come to realize this most basic truth and there will no longer be any hatred or violence in this world.Very inspiring.This poem has touched my heart and reaffirmed all that I believe.Great job!



I will read yours as well, thank you

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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