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For someone super special.


Needing, wanting, desiring, longing,
Simply for your touch...
Dreaming, fantasizing, babe, I'm not lying,
I want it so much...
The thought of your caress, and honey, I'm a mess,
It's like I'm seeing stars...
Can't control myself, you make me melt,
Up close, or from afar...
You've got me reeling, from a feeling,
That I just can't deny...
Baby, I can see, you wrapped up in me,
Our very souls entwined...
I pray and hope, you won't tell me no,
When I press my lips to yours...
When I tell you, something you never knew,
Know that how I feel is sure...
I'm flying high, and I don't know why,
Oh, what you do to me...
You set me aflame, by just saying my name,
Captured, but still, I'm free...
All I want to do, is just to claim you,
And make you belong to me...
But, I'm so afraid, when my decision is made,
I'll be knocked down to my knees...

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BringMeBullets commented on Longing


This is beautiful. I like it a lot. Your songs are really great, Miss. Your rhyming is impressive, to say the least. I like your writing. Great job.

dahlusion commented on Longing


What a beautiful love song sung with such substantial honesty, deep longing, and poetic sensibility. There is no confusion here!

laydbak1 commented on Longing


It sounds as though you're wanting something too much, too badly... So much so, that it's tearing your heart out... And, there is no happy ending to this, for it is readily apparent this is a plea which falls upon deaf ears and a stone heart who is not in sync with you.... Wishing and wanting are good things, but not if they're about the wrong thing... You need to settle this... A good heartfelt write just the same....

lucky62 commented on Longing


He sounds special alright, nice work let those feeling stir me inside........

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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