Look Inside


  • Tinytree
  • Beginning a new adventure; a new stage in life.

Poem Commentary

To my friend who struggles daily with the economy and her families health. I believe in you.

Look Inside

I've always been the wallflower
I watch quiet and reserved
as people live out their lives
 unaware of being observed

In restaurants and stores
at airports and malls
I play their stories in my head
I wish to help them all

It's no suprise I've found my place
helping children every day
to teach them how to cope in life
and then send them on their way

What hurts me most is seeing friends
the people that I love
deal with life's tragedies
with little help from up above

I do my best to comfort
to ease their awful pain
it seems that once they see the light
the stuggle strikes again

This poem's for you my Sarah
who lightens up my day
with stories of local nature
and legends of the day

If I could give you anything
to make your world alright
I'd do it in a second
 I'd help you fight the fight

I pray for you so often
God must have memorised my pleas
It will turn out right eventually
Just leave it up to me

Take a breath
it will be alright
you won't be given more
than you can bare

Don't give up
You can make it through
to see the light again
live your days being true

look inside, find your strength
you will make it through
deep inside a place you've lost
is the beautiful, gracious you 



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blackfootlady commented on Look Inside


Thank you for sharing this with me.Very nice reading your poetry....CHURV

dancinghawk commented on Look Inside


what a treasure for your friend and a heartfelt message to the universe that you are committed to relieving suffering in all of its forms ... in "times like these" ... the triteness of old wording, cliches, is felt, i think, subtley but painfully ... original work brings a light, a lightness, a spark, that reminds giver and receiver ... that there is something new ... this moment and this moment and this moment ... all things being fleeting, including dispair ... your energy is this piece is appreciated and ripples from it ... waves of support, sincerity, and steadfastness ... ty for posting! -dh

harveygrund commented on Look Inside


You're obviously a wonderful caring person, your friends are very lucky to have you.



Thank youfor your kind words.

WordSlinger commented on Look Inside


This is great, I wished Op had send this page to a friend Via-email, it would be sent, and I guess a hundred times or more, ty WS



thanks, I know the flow is a little choppy but I felt I had to say it as it came to me. I'm glad that others can relate to it too.

SavVySam commented on Look Inside


How wonderful it is to have someone care and show concern for another enduring difficult times. Friends make the world of difference!



So true,... thank you for your comment.

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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