Lord I Praise You


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    Lord I Praise You

    Lord, Jesus Christ you are almighty
    You are the King of all kings
    You are the Alpha and Omega
    I praise you deliberately
    As I also seek perfection
    With lots of desolation
    I Repent and ask for forgiveness
    My Father I am sorry; I am not worthy
    Halleluiah, I give you all the glory
    Through you I will win all my battles
    With your mercy I will raise my cattle
    Jesus, I say thank you
    Thank you for my family and church
    Thanks for our world and life
    May generations to come elevate your name at all times
    May I become wealthy from a harvest of a dime!
    Oh Lord, I extol you
    I glorify your name for you are great
    And I thank you for being my Father
    Please bring unto me meekness and wisdom
    Raise me with all your will, for I am your son
    You are the best of all priests
    I praise you, I worship you, and I love you
    May our relationship grow through all that is good!

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    Rhymer commented on Lord I Praise You


    Excellent write and a tribute to your faith. Rest assured, if you have asked for forgiveness it has been given to you.

    rsalassi commented on Lord I Praise You


    Without either of us knowing for sure, perhaps the good lord has directed me to your door, through this site, to tell you all is well in heaven and earth. You are forgiven. Be happy. Relax a little. Enjoy life is it unfolds.



    read his grace is sufficient and his pain and our salvation please

    Rubyrocks39 commented on Lord I Praise You


    Yes, thank u Jesus!

    Elizabeth45 commented on Lord I Praise You


    Enjoyed your poem! Elizabeth Riggin author/poet

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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