Losing My Sanity


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Losing My Sanity

I lie here in the mornings
Just as I sit alone at night
Listening to my thoughts replayed
Drowning in my hopeless plight

The ceiling begins to crumble
The walls begin to scream
Wrapping coverings tight and close
As I witness this nightmare theme

Curling up inside my bed
Praying silently to God
Please stop this endless insanity
End this twisted path I trod

For I can take these screams no longer
I'm beginning to fall apart
Tears run like streamers down my face
Leaving now would not be smart

Darkest night howls through my ears
The carpet gnashes ugly teeth
Crawling from my bed to get away
To reach some form of transient peace

Such frightful sights and sounds
It's the beginning of the end
As the door shrinks and disappears
I have lost my only friend

And in the middle of the room
My knees fold to my chest
Sucking thumbs and whimpering
Trying to find some kind or rest

The next thing I remember
I'm batting at the air
Fending off illusary demons
Holding onto what sanity I dare

I embrace it closest to my heart
And comfort it's piteous cries
Unwilling to let go of it
As the light inside it dies

Tossed alone now into this world
Of shattered broken minds
I've lied so much throughout the years
And the truth is so unkind

I've lost what little sanity
I have ever known
Because the seeds of isolation
Have been long since sown

And as this simple thought flashes through my brain
The light that died again appears
As for now I'm feeling sane
And once again I'm thinking clear

Sanity can be sleek and sharp
Just like the toughest blade
A tool that should not be toyed with
Unless one desires to be slain

Yet the walls continue screaming
As the floor nibbles at my feet
The ceiling crumbles and falls upon me
Driving my knife in deep

And when you walk in through that door
That has already swallowed me
You may be shocked to find me dead
Until it's you the demons see

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nini2323 commented on Losing My Sanity


I luv this not only for the imagery but for the rawness of how scary it is to know that you are losing your sanity and just not knowing how to come out of it great job

icetee commented on Losing My Sanity


i have never read anything like this, simply consuming, u nearly drew me out of my skin. graceful write

scrye commented on Losing My Sanity


I think you have connected with many of us poets who have felt the insanity and hopelessness we have all experienced at one point, but you put it into a wonderful flow of words. Excellent and a 10 from me.

erriczhade commented on Losing My Sanity


I dont think DARK POETRY really fits this one, its more of like morbid poetry... in a shit happens kind of way... I loved it... good work giving life to your environment. especially the screaming walls.

Jade84 commented on Losing My Sanity


wow wow wow, I've felt like this so many times, the passion, the pain its so clear, you did an excellent job getting the point across, this is wonderful.

The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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