Lost In Insanity


Lost In Insanity

Come and imagine, if you will
Dancing flowers on a meadow hill
Children playing in harmony
Every aspect of a perfect reality

Yet not quite real are the butterflies
And usually not seen are purple skies
Puppy dogs and kittens are here
Cuddling together without a fear

A mist is creeping over this plain
People stare at the coming change
A figure walks from the mist in black
Something strange; a face he lacks

He walks past the children crying in fear
He chuckles softly, too loud to hear
The twisted tree sings a brand new song
Filled with terror of world long gone

Demons dance as the sky clouds over
And the purple fades to a dark red thunder
Screams of terror and of true pain
Horrible laughter like that of the insane

"Do not fear." A voices says to me
"This is just a taste of your reality.
I did not make this world like this
You chose to allow the devil's kiss."

A light shines through of happiness
But all I see through this evil mist
Is the terror and pain in my world
Blood and screams from boys and girls

I begin to see the pattern then
They were killed to the tune found within
I laugh at the knowledge I had found
They say only madmen make such sounds

Years have past since the man, so dark
Came within my mind and my heart
I guess I've gotten used to the misery
Yet sometimes; I wonder if something is wrong with me

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Batitus66 commented on Lost In Insanity


You are, indeeed, a true poet. The people in my small town think I have talent; and this poem reminded me how insignifigant I really am. But the simplistic nature of this poem perfects it.

1LostGypsy commented on Lost In Insanity


Anger, frustration, dispare, consumed by all thats ever haunted and taunted you- this poem makes me feel less alone when my anxiety takes over....thankyou! It was a 10 in my book.



thank you so much for your read, I truly appreciate it.

Rhymer commented on Lost In Insanity


I liked this dark poem, we have inherited the world we have created. It has always been mans choice. Excellent piece.



Thank you so much for the read, I hope you come back later when I've posted some of my more recent poetry.

SuSpence commented on Lost In Insanity


I like the dark side of Super, and trust me, there is NOTHING wrong with you baby, Rooowr!! Haha, Love, Spence

dahlusion commented on Lost In Insanity


This is superb writing and this paragraph is simply masterful: ""Do not fear." A voices says to me "This is just a taste of your reality. I did not make this world like this You chose to allow the devil's kiss."—Bravo!!



Thanks, Dah. It was fun writing this... :)

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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