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    I walk
    I walk away from the home that I know
    Away from the souls
    Loves and teachers that taught me how I should live
    I walk alone
    So I can understand where I'm suppose to go
    Who I'm supposed to be
    I walk in the forest
    To find nothing but peace
    Death, quiet, and the words of Emerson in my mind
    Walking through this tree, I see God's beautiful landscapes
    Satan's wicked serpents
    Whitman's refection in the waters
    But no aphrodite
    No past loves
    Just me and nature
    I find nothing here
    I walk a path
    A path that leads me to a dead, dry, surface
    That has no sound to be heard
    No car in view
    No creature in sight
    Not a song to be heard
    Nothing but peace
    I walk in the sands
    Trying to find my word
    There are no words to be found
    I try to find a minute
    But a moment could not be found
    I realize that I've walked away from a world
    That I knew
    And from a world I didn't know
    I'm lost
    Lost from this world
    From my soul
    My mind
    And from my loves
    I continue my path
    Walking to the unknown
    Hearing sounds that make me question this strange place
    Should I turn back?
    Run home?
    Continue to a destination that is unknown?
    I walk
    Deeper and deeper into the emptiness of the desert
    Finding bits and pieces of a new world
    A new mind
    And the night
    I found a new world for me
    A world that allows me to start anew
    Make peace with my past
    The desert was faith
    God leading me to a new hope
    A new beginning
    I'm no longer lost

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    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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