Love in the Afternoon


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    We all seek love and can be easily fooled when desperation sets in

    Love in the Afternoon

    Love in the Afternoon


    The scene: Thursday afternoon at a swank store in the city

    I enter the store with eyes searching and spy her immediately   

    She stands motionless; her mouth adorned with a slight smile

    Eyes of ocean blue staring blankly past me and beyond

    Lips as dark red as spring cherries on the vine

    I walk toward her but she ignores me as I approach

    I note that her hair is silver blond

    Strange, yesterday I could swear it was auburn with light streaks

    Her stance is posed as if trying to impress

    She is immaculately dressed

    Silk blouse with a coordinated cashmere skirt

    Spiked heels shaping her legs to perfection

    I try to seem uninterested as I draw ever closer

    Knowing that a lady of her stature might well be offended

    My pulse quickens as I stop immediately in front of her

    I turn and clear my throat to speak

    It is then that I notice the sadness in her eyes

    Words are frozen in my throat

    Obviously this is not the day to introduce myself

    This is the third day this week that I have seen her here

    And I fear that tomorrow could be too late

    But then again one must not rush the path to romance

    So I decide that I will return the next afternoon in hopes of finding her here

    Maybe then her eyes will send a more favorable message

    And I can find the courage to express my love

    I depart with anticipation of the day to follow

    The store darkens as lights are turned off for the night

    Doors are locked and the night watchmen begins his rounds

    He sees the figure a few aisles away and hastens to investigate

    A lovely figure with eyes of ocean blue and hair of silver blond

    As he approaches he smiles and softly chuckles

    It’s just that lovely mannequin again, she fools me every time.


    ©Copyright Charlie Gragg 2009         

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    mamasan commented on Love in the Afternoon


    Ah, you bard of eloquence as I read this tome I could hear the sad strains of a violin but there was an instance when I caught a fleeting pizzicato and in the background where there were mannequins dancing on their high heeled stilts...they were marching and just one of them with silver blond hair just seemed to be on her way to a place. Gosh, this poetry really got me going and somehow or other despite the last heart pumps hard because maybe I am way off.......but I feel there is some sad news tucked away inside the lines. ty mamasan



    You are very correct my dear. The story of a lonely soul so desperate for love that he lets reality elude hin in his quest.

    connsk8 commented on Love in the Afternoon


    lol, you are so clever in your work, always something new, something different , never predicatable!!!



    Many thanks.

    Crush commented on Love in the Afternoon


    what a lovely, strange, wonderful, sad , thoughtful and tremendous poem/ statement. i was with you the whole way and was cheering you on. i am a little saddened but what a great write. thank you. reading deeper, i get a sense of unattainable love . 10 from me, mate.



    Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the poem.

    GentleT commented on Love in the Afternoon


    A crude turn of events with the surprise ending. Nice job. As stated if you look into the depth of it you can take a lot from it.



    A very astute observation. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Charlie23 commented on Love in the Afternoon


    I often love the last line of your poems, Hampton, as they're are not at all what I'm expecting! This one put a huge smile on my face!



    The last line is often intended to provide the message. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

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