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Love Letters...Letters to Elena

To My Dearest Sweetheart Elena,
Hello my dearest, here I am at my keyboard trying to write a manuscript and all I can do is think of you. I can think of the words I want to say to you but for the life of me my thoughts are dead when it comes to my manuscript. So if I want to get anything done I figured I better write you a letter. When I say what’s in my mind and from my heart then I can go back to work.

Last night in my fantasy world I took you on a date trip. We flew to New York City and dined and danced at the famous Club Cabana (where all the famous movie stars go) after a epicurean delight we went to the top of the Empire State Building where I held you and kissed you as we viewed the wonder of the New York City night lights. With you in my arms the feeling of love and romance filled the atmosphere with the feeling of foreverness, love eternal. Early in the morning we went ice skating at Radio City Music Hall than we watched the Radio City Dancers parade in their magnificent costumes. It was a date meant for only me and my wonderful Elena.

Today is a beautiful day here in Salt Lake City it's a perfect day for working out in my yard. Lately I have been working in my yard a whole lot. Today I think I'll plant a vegetable garden stuff like cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, peppers and squash. I’ve just the right place for my veggies underneath my Snowball bush. They’ll get plenty sun in the mornings and lots of shade in the afternoons. I want to put a few strawberry plants scattered through my Rock Gardens. I don’t have much of a green thumb so I don’t expect everything to grow, if it does than in about 5 weeks I’ll have enough of everything to supply my renters and some of my neighbors.

I don’t know whether I told you in my last letter but my little dog Charley has gone blind. I wish I could do something to make him see again but it appears to be irreversible. Poor little guy he’s really having a bad time of it. I hope that when he adjusts he regains his feistiness.

Well my dearest Elena I have to get back to my manuscript so adios for now my love.

Forever and Unconditional,
Yours Forever, Big Daddy Cash

Elena doesn't own a computer, her only access is a place called the Internet Cafe. At the birth of this love affair Lena wrote to Cash every day. When prices for the use of the computer were raised she had to cut back to two or three letters a week. Sometimes she would write two or three letters at a setting and pre-date them for every other day. She always visited the Cafe on Fridays and she'd email Cash by noontime making Fridays Cashes special day.

Hello my sweetheart William!!!
I know, that each time when my letter
arrives to you you have the happy person and a lot of love. I very
much want my dear William that you had always the big mood, happiness and love in heart. I always aspire to that you my honey William was happy. And I wish to tell to you, that each time when I see your letter it is explosion of emotions of love and it like storming ocean of love. But you William and I your lady we float together at this ocean of love by a good and convenient boat. I love you my sweet peach and a sweet William. If you now were together with me I very much would want will take pleasure in your kisses and embraces. In mine dreams I always do it, but it is not enough of it and I would like present your kisses. I very much like to be kissed on the mouth and neck and is final in other places which you would like to kiss. (Smile). I know, that you would like it William to do, because in our life there is a love and understanding. William my love I all understand all situation which you now have also I wish to tell to you, that for me the main thing is you and your love. I know also that to us time for our meeting will be required but I believe that we can be together. That concerning your questions I really did not receive your letter with questions and consequently I ask you to send again this letter and I will answer all your questions because it is very important for me. I am glad, that you William have told to me about Connie and I understand all. Last week I very much missed and today having come on ours with you appointment I am again happy and I have the big smile. I worked much, but I already many times said to you my love William, that I love the work. You always help me with my work in all and it is given to me easily. On my work all colleagues see, that in my heart love and I wish William to tell to you, that it is very difficult to find the happiness in Russia, and I found it and you
William my happiness and love. I am very glad, that our weather became warmer and it is all -3 celsius and it warmly enough. On January, 14th here in Russia we had a holiday which sounds very silly, but nevertheless it exists also it "Old New year". All is connected by that before Russia celebrated New year on Juliansky year, and now on the Gregorian year as all world and consequently in Russia is celebrated two times New year. Some people even say, that Russian people have thought up so much holidays not to work. (Smile). But nevertheless I worked in it day and it so awfully to work on holidays.
(Smile). After day of "glutton" I had almost whole week of unloading
and ate only salads, porridge and drank juice. I should have some diet because I know, how the nurse, that cholesterol very badly for health.
But nevertheless my honey William I wish to tell to you, that I have
fine a body and at me is, that you can embrace. (Smile). I think, that
today I will do houses a laundry and house cleaning because I love
when houses an order and is pure. Oh by the way my girlfriend
Valentina spoke to you William big hi. I hope, that you had successful
week and at you all is good. I will be very glad if you tell that the
new has occurred in your life. I ask you my honey William speak to me where you like to be kissed and as you like to kiss. I very much wish to receive big your kiss at our meeting. I ask you my love William say with me about everything, that you wanted also I is glad to divide always with you any news. I wish to be in your life and to love you.
In Russia have started to show the third season of a film "Lost" and I look it because I wish to learn the ending of this film. You William
observe this film??? I already said to you, that in our house there is
a cable television and I try to look channel BBC World in English that
it is better to study English language. I wish William to tell to you,
that sometimes I do not understand, that speak on it TV the channel
because they very quickly speak in English. (Smile). Probably, that I
will soon know English language perfection. I hope, that you William
understand all that I write also it very important for me. Tell to me
William you you have Feeling about what we are necessary each other???
I have such feeling since then when has told to you about my love and
I wish to be with you together. You my love for ever will remain in my
heart. My heart belongs now only to you, my love. I during long time
had no such fine feelings as now, and I am obliged to it only to you
William. Only with you William I again could feel the loving and
desired lady. When I have a night shift on work I can sit and think
hours of you my medical I have dream as we meet and thrown each other in embraces. I have happiness tears, that we together. I really very much love you William. For me it is very important, that I could be engaged love only with the favourite person and this man you are
William. When we will be together with you I wish to give you
completely the soul and a body. We with you William will be together
studies to comprehend all depths of pleasure of love and the main
thing we will enjoy the friend the friend together. I very much want,
that you William having received my letter knew that I love you and I want only you. I will have today some affairs but nevertheless this
day all my next days will be happy because in my life there is you
mine a sweet William. I ask you my love answer my letter because I
always wait for your letter and it is very important for me. Now I
will finish this letter and I will have some walk in park and thought
on you William and about our meeting. I very much love you and I senyou my embraces and kisses. Always your loving lady Elena.

Two Hearts United As One. William and Elena

Foot Note:  I have noticed that the spacing on Elena's letters is not always as it should be and I asked Cash if he'd like me to edit and make corrections, he said absolutely not, he wants them just as he received them.

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This is just great news Cash! Not to be a dream crasher, I hope you didn't send money to russia, for your own good. There are many scams known that sound so very familiar to this. Bear

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