Love's Coffin


Love's Coffin

Love’s Coffin


From the blackness you appear

Freely wielding pain and fear

An evil angel fallen from grace

Prey hypnotized by the beauty of your face


Another shall find eternal death

As your kiss seductively steals their breath

Jagged teeth hidden by your smile

Temptingly disguising your cutting guile 


Midnight dance with the dead

To lure me into a devilish bed

As I swore my love my soul was lost

Vainly unaware of the cost


You captured me without a fight

Now all that was will never be right

I strain to reach you as you pass

Imprisoned behind blood stained glass


How did I end up in this coffin’s jar

Wondering who I am and what you are

I beg for my blessed release

Knowing immortality brings no peace


My life’s chamber drains of air

Your laughter mocks me in despair

Shriveling I disappear from the light

An undying victim of the night



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Rhymer commented on Love's Coffin


A very vivid dark write, excellent rhyme and rhythm. An excellent read. 10 from me.

ApaqRasgirl commented on Love's Coffin


wow, that was a superb write on the dark side. passion, yearning for him that night she cannot refuse..........wonderful asha



Thank you - love can be dark ==== and some passion can be beautifully dangerous!

raziel69 commented on Love's Coffin


I love poems like this, have written a few myself. great job, loved the imagery as well. 10...Raz

knight4696 commented on Love's Coffin


Soul ... Awesome evil little tale! I love this dark stuff! :) And you certainly convey it well! :) Great Wrtie my friend! :) Ken



A bit wicked, but also spell binding - we must always beware of those sharpened fangs! Thanks I will be visiting your home page to be thrilled by your abilities to create.

mindy9968 commented on Love's Coffin


Holy crap...this is really, really good! Amazingly good.



Don't know what to say to that comment - except that I am grateful and humbled.

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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