Lust to Love


Lust to Love

The darker the cherry, the sweeter the juice

An honor it is to be embraced by you

In copulation down on my knees enjoying your preciousness listening to the blues

Obeying your love in cadence to your romance, all in one eating your fruits

I am pleased to say now I am a man, fine and enthusiastic due to your truth

Darling you are beautiful, strong, and courageous

To not be indulged in your lust would be a mistake of a lifetime

A queen, the mother of nature, an emotional successor, you are indeed the most gorgeous

It was not an injurious crime of fornication but instead it was the feed of curiosity!

You are like the river flow by the sunset while birds sing and the rainbow appears, how so glorious

I shall praise the exquisite ravishing kisses of your juicy lips so comely joyful with your smile

More than a dime, my very own shine, your body dancing with mine

Intertwined on the moon with roses and red wine

Found you in heaven the richest date line therefore we had to entwine

A high sign of love and lust coming as one in the beauty of sensational passion from the divine

My beloved, the compassionate dove, thank you for calling me love, together and forever we will always be a hot line

I will never come incomplete for now I have tasted and fell in love within your white sheets

I fell for you not because I am weak but because of our power and heartbeat

We met for a reason to tweet, a reason to be concrete and show our lust within with no retreat

Foreplay in the car seat, back to the bedroom suite, down I go to make your world sweet

We have this specific heat burning this lovely seat as we about to rise high and fly high to heavenly streets

So I say we come closer and share more of the temptation brown sugar, conquer my soul and make me your kind young meat

Your seduction my obedience, your temptation our copulation

Your sensation my dearest flirtation as of your vibration my standing ovation

My imagination shall be your vacation, our fantasies enflamed hot in admiration

I am your love slave in dedication to your luxurious dictation of the melodies to your love, my salvation


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Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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