man are from Mars


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    man are from Mars

    my wife and I are driving to Nebraska
    to see her folk’s
    we are on the Oklahoma Turnpike
    we have a brand new Buick Road Master
    Opera Roof
    crushed velour seats
    decadence at it's finest
    the driver seat is all electric
    when I drive I play with the seat positions
    I’m tired so my wife drives
    my wife is a very safe driver
    she will tell you that
    excruciatingly painfully
    which drives me
    I don’t bring up her driving very often
    she always reminds me that I have had 289 speeding tickets
    and that she has had
    and that she is a very safe driver
    so I sit in the passenger seat
    and try to sleep
    I close my eyes
    and feel the car move differently
    my wife is passing a semi
    I close my eye again
    for maybe 39 minutes
    I open them
    we are still passing the semi
    I look at the speedometer
    my wife has cruise set at 70 mph
    I figure the semi
    is doing about 69.99999999 mph
    I look in my side mirror
    and count roughly 354 cars
    behind us
    I ask my wife sweetly
    if she thinks maybe she could actually pass this guy
    she reminds me that she is a safe driver
    I shut up
    I’ve lost this (discussion) too many times
    I had been skimming through
    the book my wife brought
    Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus
    The guy that wrote this is definitely from
    maybe even
    and she has actually read it
    it is heavily magic markered
    so I shut up
    I try to nap
    I figure Miss Venus
    will have this semi passed
    by Nebraska

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    Whiskers commented on man are from Mars


    I loved the humor of this write T, been there myself. Why is it we men speed along but our women drop out the anchor? This among other reasons is why I drive 99.99 per cent of the time. Whiskers



    Lol! Whiskers not all women drop the anchor- some of us drop the lead foot -see my post below.

    Teardrops commented on man are from Mars


    i hit send to soon i made the trip to Dallas in three hours . I have lived this story but i was the one sleeping lol Marie

    shallenemcgrath commented on man are from Mars


    Oh My God! This is so good. M. is more like her... he has a class A. When I drive he can't watch. I take after my father... I drive while painting frescos on the interior of the car. Trees drift through the inner landscapes I have painted as I rev to 90 MPH. I knit my way through the cars doing the slip stitch. The rearview mirror confuses me, so I just don't use it -Its useless to a forward thinker like me. M. covers his eyes with his hand occasionally peeking through gapped fingers like he watching a horror film and doesn't want to see the ax drop on the girl. I drive on like the expressionist that I am, huge bold brush strokes cover the plane of my asphalt canvas. M. buries his nose in his elbow and groans.



    nice seats too..pumpkin velour..!! our's was light gray much more sophisticated...



    Right on girl, my wife gets on me for driving without hands while I'm eating, but hey... what else can you do with your knee's when driving? I've read while driving, looking up every so many words to stay between the lines but I don't do that in traffic. But I'm not like those lunitics that drive while texting/sexting or like the women I see putting on their makeup and setting their hair, changing clothes or painting their nails. But when tired I drive with one eye closed rest to rest it then open it and close the other eye for a spell, works for me. But then again I used to cook my dinner while driving long distance too. I'd wrap up my dinner of meat/taters/veggies in Aluminum foil and put under the hood on the engine and when I got hungry hours later, I'd pull over and eat a delicious meal. I also used to ride my Harley's with no hands for miles on end, justa leaning from one side to the other to make all the curves. Of course I used to sleep on my Harley's on the side of the road too, but thats another story. Better end this "novel" reply before before it turns into a series. Blessings and keep the rubber on the road. Whiskers.



    Yup.. that's me Whiskers... Daredevil Lover Girl! Just like you- just like all of us poetic expressionist drivers.

    Teardrops commented on man are from Mars


    I have never read the book but my husband used to tell me to slow down from my house to Dallas its 4 hours

    Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

    Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

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