Meeting a girl’s father


Meeting a girl’s father

As I sit here in her living room

Meeting her father for the very first time


I’m trying to find the right thing to say to her very protective daddy

I wonder what I should do


Should I stay here terrified tapping the floor with my black shiny shoe?

Or should I get up and leave


But it was too late

As he entered the room it felt like I was in the mist of doom

All I could hear and feel is my heart beating tremendously fast


When he began to speak as he approached me

His powerful voice was somewhat like a punch

It knocked me right off my feet


So all that I could do after that is get up and run

Just like the release of my body liquid was running down my pants leg


And as I pulled my man hood back together

I realized that the feeling of meeting a girl’s father for the first time is not at all fun.

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cousinsoren commented on Meeting a girl’s father


Hey, I love the clean ,easy style of this narrative poem. The humour is veiled, but a reader can easily identify with the entire story line of this immaculately crafted piece. I had to meet a future mother- in-law. ........LOL "man hood" should be written........"manhood". Cosmetics and rhythm would have improved with punctuation. Overall, this is masterly composed narrative piiece...a pleasure to read with a smile and a chuckle. My rating is 10+



thank you very much

Pisces00 commented on Meeting a girl’s father


Oh yeah I can defiently relate to that.... As far as I see it, when you present yourself in a genuine fashion, flaws and imperfections in clear view, they can at least admire you for keeping your image down to the letter. But very nice



Thank you and remember to pass my SN on to other people so they can read read and i will do the same for u.

To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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