Memorial Day


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Holidays come and go from time to time and from year to year, how often we really stop and remember the true meaning behind them???

Memorial Day

Lets celebrate another holiday went,
Lets celebrate for another day spent,
Lets celebrate another year past,
Lets celebrate the wars of the last. 

The fallen children whose blood was spilled,
The mother's cries who's endless tears filled,
The father's screams who are silenced by the dead of the night,
The brothers in arms of the wars we fight.

Do we remember their names?
Do we remember how they died?
Do we remember which war was the blood spilt?
Do we remember how much pain was felt?

Forgotten memories frozen in the lake of time,
Shadows of darkness and despair that makes this rhyme.

I ask you the reader this question at last,
To what matter does it make the past???

The question really worth asking in such a way,
Is, do we remember how they lived on this day?

I don't celebrate their death to war's end,
I celebrate thier life and the memories they lend...

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ApaqRasgirl commented on Memorial Day


Angel dear, that was great,,,,,I don't remember them in death, I remember them in life, and their sacrifice for our freedom and way of life.........this is one girl who always has a thank you and God bless you for everyone I pass in uniform.....thanks for this wonderful write that so needed always loves ya asha

carynontherhine commented on Memorial Day


As I read through this one, I realize now what this special holiday means and I thank you for giving me this insight in the lives of service men. Now, you would think I would know this as your father was in the military. NOT! Some of these lines are outstanding! Forgotten memories frozen in the lake of time. Shadows of darkness and despair that makes this rhyme. My favorite part. Now, when next memorial day comes, I shall be celebrating the memories and their lives. I still can not imagine going out there on the front line ready to fire as soon as they see the enemy. I just wonder what they are thinking. Unreal.

carynontherhine commented on Memorial Day


I still love this one when I reread it. It captures me differently each time I reread it. I just love the stanza about the remembering not the loss of their lives but the loss of the memories. So true. We dont even know what we are celebrating and why. I recall asking someone, what really is Memorial day about and the fourth of July. This told me everything I needed to know. Great write my son.



To be honest and I am ashamed to say this, I never really thought much about this holiday before I wrote this, but when i really started thinking about it I relaized while the day has become just another day for many, the true meaning to be found was not in the day but the memories of those of the past, the celbration of thier lives, dreams, goals, and the light thye leave behind... This is the true memorial to thier memory and thier lives. Purity of the soul, journey well!!! Angel aka your loving son

Charlie23 commented on Memorial Day


Such an important day to remember the veterans, those who we never knew who gave themselves for our freedom. I like the very last line the best...



Thankyou so much for the kind review as it is welsomed and greatly appreciated!!! When i wrote thos poem I was think about why do we really celebrate this day, what is it's true purpose, it's true meaning? My conclusion was we don't celebrate the day we celebrate the people, they are the heart and soul of why we remember, their lives as the eternal candle in the hearts and souls of those left behind, as long as we remember them the candle shall never grow dim... Purity of the soul, journey well!!! Angel

carynontherhine commented on Memorial Day


A so true poem for sure. No, we do not know the names, how they died nor their pain. Too concerned about our own. And no one knows what it is like nor how it feels out on the front line holding a weapon that hopefully will not have to be used today. No place to go home after work except a tent and hoping no nightmares tonight of what has been and what tomorrow may bring. Once again on the front line. For who? For you? For me? For no one who can relate?

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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