Memorys from the Monsters


Memorys from the Monsters

Shh dont tell dont talk dont wail.

But stop I wont tell just stop!

Ha ha shut up your nothing to me

I push and punch and kick and scream

Silence is within him

I somehow pushed him away like i some how always do

Looks are traided

I say fuck off

he almost starts to smirk

So I grab the knife and say it again

He hesitates knowing last time I cut him

Just like the drunken cousin

I dare not say

For he knows that he would have

But once again the fight was on

And once again I pushed him away running out the room

three guys in one story three sides to each

It dosnt get easier you just get feed up

Like the guy from school found out I dont play with that

Now four guys to my story a long sad tale but still I must learn still i must live.

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Strider commented on Memorys from the Monsters


I have been reading your poems and I find that a common thread ties all of them together - life painful experiences. I was once told by a great poet (Chinua Achebe), that poetry and philosophy are similar but must be written differently. You have choosen to use your poem to tell your stories which in some way is your philosophy, hence your poems have lacked some poetry in the process. You spill out strong touching words that leaves us (no doubt) in thoughts, but still has me questioning where is the poetry?



well like I said in my homepage I'm doing this as a way to vent. I dont really think im a poet but to me this helps me deal. So I guess this is more philosophy then poetry but like I said it helps. Thanks for your comment that was very insightful!

carmentis commented on Memorys from the Monsters


to live is a great gift most over look it and seek great vuales out of the life thier been given , but to take another life is the ultimate hand feeding gesture to teh beaste within all of man and women , to trust dies once it has been injured keep true to what you write

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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