Merging Cultures


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    Merging Cultures

    Merging Cultures


    By: Scott Wolfe


    What happens when two cultures meet

    Does one have to overcome?

    Forcing the other to bow at their feet


    Do the battles begin?

    Or will it be a friendship that may never end


    Is it the difference that makes the choice?

    Or are the leaders scared to hear from another voice


    What is the deciding factor? 

    Is it something we could change?

    Or do we fight for things that don’t really matter


    These are questions that has been asked for centuries

    And yet the battle rages on over land and seas


    If you were to put yourself in another mans shoes

    Could you really see his point?

    Could you really see his view?


    With an open mind and a kind heart

    that could pull this world closer together

    Instead of tearing it apart


    I know there is true evil that lurks all around

    That needs to be cast upon

    And put into the ground


    But selling weapons to people we think are right

    Only to have the other side sell to our friends foe

    In response to our plight


     Doesn’t make sense to me

    How can this be a means to an end?

    This only enables us to sell the weapons over and over again


    Why would a poor country even want to fight?

    When they cant even feed their people

    It just doesn’t seem right


    I am not a pacifist 

    I will fight for what I believe

    But only if a man threatens me,

    My family, friends, or country


    But to fight for greed, power or a strip of land

    Should be settle by the voice

    And not by the power of the man


    This is my opinion of both sides

    If you decide to work together

    Only then can you truly save lives


    I don’t claim to know what the answer is

    But I sure wish I did

    Because the road we are on 

    I believe will only lead to an abyss


    I wish there was a dialect

    One that everyone could understand

    Leave us alone

    And we will lend you a hand


    Not one with a cloak and dagger

    Poised on both sides

    But with the idea that all men and women are created equal with the sole purpose of bettering lives


    Could our world really reach this plateau?

    It would be great

    But unfortunately

    We may never know

    Note from the author
    The right path may be a mystery

    But to our kids and our kids kids

    I hope and pray

    War and famine becomes a thing of history

    And there it will stay

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