Mirrored Souls


Mirrored Souls

I was a roamer of the earth before you were born of the stars
I still remember the day when you were born in my mind
While traveling within the universe of my dreams
One day I witnessed a veritable supernova of love
Your essence reverberated within the halls of my imagination
Bringing you to me in waves
You were now part of me and I part of you
We would be together from that day forth
From then, and even before, until the end of times
Soulmates, only complete when joined as one
Connected on a level few could accept
And even fewer are able to understand
For years I peered up to the skies studying your eyes
Expanding my mind to the liberal arts
Increasing its capacity to include the certainty of emotion
The deeper I travel the clearer the clarity
While imagining the purity and beauty of your soul
The tenderness of your touch, the sweetness of your kiss
How much time would pass the door before it was real
How much time had passed lost in my thoughts
What is time but a continuum of experienced events
Events to become memories clouded by our ability to recall them
Time is inconsequential, a trivial concept
An abstract theory created to distract
Distracting us from what is true and real
Distracting me from you, making claims that you were just an idea
Just a fantasized aspiration
But I always knew that you were real
Trusting in my instincts, knowing that I could not see you
Still realizing that I could feel you and sense your being
I knew you, before we met, before our first words, our first kiss
For as long as I can remember I sang songs to you
Held your invisible hand in mine
And warmed your imagined heart
I always knew that you were real
And the day would come when my dreams would meet reality
On the day we met, this moment came to pass
Long imagined, long overdue, seemingly right on time
A day forever marked upon the abstract time-line of my memory
Dream and reality ceased to exist, and the same time appeared to co-exist
As if your reflection walked out of the mirror of my dreams
Coming to life and reaching to me
Finally putting a face to the one I have loved since my time-line began
And from that first moment, I knew you felt it too
Mirrored souls joining together collectively
Full filling our destiny to melt into one
Now there is balance, and time has fled
The combining of our souls initiates a fusion reaction
Our forces are equal, stabilizing the celestial body of our love
Born in the cosmos of our reality's dream a star of love appears
I dub thee Maranda, beautiful bringer of light
These days I still travel within the universe of dreams
But it is no longer my dream, but ours
My mirrored soul
My beautiful Bringer of light
My Love
Our Love

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stellar commented on Mirrored Souls


oh...I really love poets who are in love because the intensity of emotion is not only confined to the lovers...but is also shared to us, the readers...may your heart always be flooded with inspiration,,,you got endless fuel...that is love...^_^ v



Thanks again stellar, you are so right. I am glad you loved this one, it is one of my personal favourites, it means a lot to me, and the one I love. Peace and Love, Spence

devaamido commented on Mirrored Souls


How delicious.!!!.............Thank you!.........................d



Haha, Delicious indeed :D THanks so much for stopping by my friend. Peace and Love, Spence

LoveDeeply commented on Mirrored Souls


Great Poem! I love it! I like how its sometimes percepted as there is always a light in the darkness.Thanks for Sharing.



Thanks for your time and comment LoveDeeply. ~Spence

Artie commented on Mirrored Souls


At a time in life when you thought you knew what to expect, thought all was going in the wrong direction, one small ray of light shining upon you, can breath new life into tomorrow. This piece has SUPER written all over it - 10 from me

carynontherhine commented on Mirrored Souls


I am honored to comment on your write. That you would even ask me, thank you. This is you, these feelings you produce in the reader! I am a weak one when it comes to love poems and this that you wrote is everything that love brings. I just adore the way you had this dream and described your love and then you found her! This does not happen very often in a lifetime, you know to cherish as you Su, are no fool. My meaning of the word soulmates is desperation through many years and then it happens! Out of nowhere, unexpecting, unusually weird set of circumstances. But, finding that mate that was the one in our dreams that we feel like, we knew all the while. Almost as if you could talk for one one another or not even have to talk because you just know and she knows. I am just so happy you have found your soulmate and so awesome that she found you. Love it. Probably I shall read this when I feel down with my other half, it happens when you are married ten years and realize that I love him forever and I am so happy to be in the same arena because I see my friends whom have no soulmate and they are just so sad and miserable. I love it, love it, love it. A ten is just so sad to give but all I have. Such a pity!

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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