• Emotional



    What did I miss?

    Your logic is amiss

    I am tiered of this shit

    You take another hit

    Do you think it cool?

    Can you not live without it?

    And your tools

    You’re a fool


    I am scared for your life

    You blow me off and say it’s alright.

    Your sick and twisted games

     I will not pay again


    Mom I love you

    Stop playing with my head again

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    Photojan12 commented on Mom


    As a mother, I understand this. Mother daughter relationships are complicated and difficult at times. I feel this is more of a release than a poem but keep writing and gaining perspective.

    bloomingsun commented on Mom


    This is good, you are processing deep issues with your words. I have lots of old poems along these lines dealing with my dad when I was 16-30 or so. It helps to get it down on paper doesn't it? For me if I can get it to complete in a poem, sometimes it is like I can move on and look forward. Keep writing! :-)



    I will. Sometimes things happen and they hurt so bad.... I sorry I had a great loss this Friday and I will probbly be writing more poems soon. I was trying to get into brighter poetry. Thanks for your support Britt

    ansari commented on Mom


    You started with strong emotion, but ended with love. I am glad you said ' Mom I love you' . I know you've got over with your Mom . Hope you'll have time to read some of mine. Thank you.



    I was sturggling with my emotions and was feeling lots of anger and then pain and I knew if my mom died I would be a broken wreck so I knew I loved her, even if she isnt a perfect person. But i am not going to be her puppet either. so I will stay in contact but I will never live with her again.I cant be put through it. Thanks for your support Britt Ps I'll see some of yours soon

    pocketofdreams6 commented on Mom


    I can tell you are still a young writer... The message came from a deep place, but I think it would have been better if you would have focused more on that deep place, and not so much on rhymes. You have potential to be a great writer some day, just keep on writing! :)



    Aww, that touches my heart pocketofdreams6!!! It is getting easier to express myself and feelings through writing and talking a like. Ill tell you i use to be very anti-social person because i was not exposed to children my age. But I learn pretty fast And am finally coming out of my shell as a college freshman. thanks for your support and time Britt

    Vampire commented on Mom


    without light we do not know darkness. without darkness we cannot know light. from darker aspects in life it will become brighter and get better. great write



    Yeah definitely. Seeing the world in a different light I needed to move on and I have. I can't worry about her problems anymore but take them as a grain of salt. Thanks for your support Britt

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    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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